Why Is Vaping So Popular?

Why is vaping popular, and is it a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes? TEACHERS: Get your students in the discussion on KQED Learn, a safe place for …



  1. Im from Argentina, im a heavy smoker and i succesfully managed to stop smoking for a while thanks to vaping as a replacement. I say for a while becouse i couldnt get more nicotine liquid since its ILLEGAL so i switched back to tobacco. The goverment says they want to stop people from smoking while at the same time making illegal the best method of leaving the cigarrette… why? well becouse they are either imcopetent or they love the insane amount of drug money they get via heavily taxed tobacco. Either way this sucks and i would love for these videos to focus more in how vaping its an excellent cure/alternative for cigarrette addiction.

  2. Hey I’m a fan of y’all’s show and I’ve never vaped before. But it just seemed to me like you might have been showing your bias in this episode. It sounded like you strongly promote an abstinence only position. On the under tone though it seems like the common suspicion is correct that vaping isn’t as bad as smoking. Just an small observation. I still love the show and will continue to be a fan.

  3. I'm a non-smoker in Quebec (Canada), and I remember the flavoured cigarettes fad really picked up but suddenly disappeared – the huge uptick in teens' smoking (which was remarkable for Quebec, it's very present here everywhere) led the gov't to outlaw any flavourings "other than tobacco." The 2015 amendments to the Tobacco Control Act include that every law that applies to tobacco and cigarettes applies to vaping and e-cigs (except flavourings, for now). So no vaping or smoking indoors, in vehicles with somebody underage, near public entrances or windows, or even restaurant terraces (the tables outside).
    Buying any tobacco products under 18 is illegal, but only now is it actually illegal to buy them for somebody underage! That might actually make a difference in reducing underage smoking, *finally*, since until now they could just get them from their parents. (I kid you not, that's often a "cultural" thing, like a beer at a family BBQ right of passage.)
    Source for Quebec Tobacco Control Act: https://www.quebec.ca/en/health/advice-and-prevention/healthy-lifestyle-habits/quitting-smoking/tobacco-control-act/

  4. If you look up how much you die from secondhand smoke it's a big number I don't want that to happen why you don't want that to stop turn the stuff is bad I don't see it for myself it is pretty bad or we just

  5. FDA is high download things from this if they lose out a lot of money that means they can't pay the doctors they can't pay medical researchers and can't pay Sciences to do the research so they make up any story about

  6. They just the people to quit smoking if they do that they don't tax us on these things then make up any story to make you believe all the stuff it's bad just quite a doing that it's too popular and they don't have no control over it it don't matter if it heats up and make poison was you know why the FDA through these two things are safe purple glycol vegetable glycerin is proven by the FDA safe so all those reading research

  7. I'm from Canada and we have to be 18 to buy e-juice with nicotine, but there's this weird glitch in the law that I don't fully understand and it's the reason the only e-juice outlet in my small town can only carry nicotine free e-juice. I'm also 29 and a smoker/vaper AKA indecisive quitter. I understand how vaping helps alot of people quit and it's popularity in my area makes it by far the most accessable quitting aid. I never did understand why non-smokers would start vaping. THC e-juice isn't available in my area but I'm hoping with legalization in july it will be soon.

  8. I live in WA. I think it should be up to individual choice. I tried it. I didn't care for it. If I want to smoke something, the little I smoke I might as well smoke the real thing.

  9. Well did you know the oxygen that we breathe has toxins in it that is bad for us for instance when you're filling up your car you smell gasoline and that kills your brain cells that's toxic to humans or to any biological being so everything is toxic and that's cool

  10. Sounds like the tobaco companies hating . Just like taxies vs. Uber. In both cases somebody came up with a better product , and the other is no longer able to dominate .

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