1. False. Cannabis is a Bronchodilator. Meaning, it dilates the blood vessels allowing more oxygen to enter. Cannabis is a Natural Herb. You can NOT put it in the same category as cigarettes or prescription drugs. Do your research people.

  2. As long as you still handle your business there is nothing with smoking weed. Honestly I smoke everyday and handle my business without any issues. Simply put if you smoke a lot it will harm your lungs.

  3. Studies have shown that long-term users of marijuana have better memory and lowered risk of dementia and Alzheimer's. The myth that potheads are dumb and slackers is as old and outdated as reefer madness. You wouldn't recognize a highly intelligent and functional weed smoker because there are no horrible side effects. So how can you generalize?

  4. My bf smokes every single day and has won 3 powerlifting competitions. He weights 150 and squats 400, benches 325, and deadlifts 500. So NO this is false you are preaching today. Also did you watch the rest of the video?? That man works out!! Geezus stop spreading this shit.

  5. You sound just as stereotypical as all the other people that preach against weed. You decided to share information you know nothing about. You just jumped to conclusions. Do you know if he has asthma or bronchitis, maybe some other lung issue? Idk.

  6. When you smoke paper you tend to get lung problems…
    Weed, oregano, air, your opinions..doesn't matter. Joints will harm your lungs.
    Clean Smoke your Cannabis and stay safe and be responsible

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