ALCOHOL vs PSYCHEDELICS! Ex-Alcoholic Psychonaut Shares His Views!

First off I want to clarify that I am not promoting the use of any legal or illegal substances in this video. I am simply sharing my views on the laws and regulations …



  1. You have done so so well getting away from that shit. Alcoholism runs in my family, my mum was an alcoholic and also my grandma has now dementia because of it. I never got to know either of my grandfathers because they were alcoholics, too. Luckily I took that as a bad example and mostly stayed away from that stuff but I'm still struggling with the effects of growing up in a dysfunctional family. I hate alcohol with a passion now.

  2. Hi there, thank you for this video, I personally hate the current status of alcohol compared to psychedelics. I found it so annoying to the point that I started to spend less and less time with people who drink, now at 1819 years old being aware of that is really not easy, because I really have to admit, 90% of teens maybe even more than that, and even the "smart" "intelligent" boys and girls, are completely unaware of how fucking trapped they are, being fed with countless lies, dumbing them out making them clueless to this reality, they only have materialistic goals and ambitions in life ( well maybe except of finding love and starting a family), many of them spend their lives to be accepted and to look good to other people for their own egotistical and selfish desires and motives. Most of the people who hear this kind of stuff straight out label you as a complete fucking lunatic, an outcast in society, or they just end of thinking that you are the egotistical bragging fool who thinks he is better than others, or of course they end up labeling you once again as a jerk or whatever. Point is people still stay "asleep" even if you are "waking up with truth" (even though I don't like to use these terms)

  3. I am a very good advocate of psychedelics,especially mushrooms. I believe tho that alcohol and ciggarettes are easily available to the people because they were easily made at the first place. Beer and wine were invented back in the days and became socially acceptable. But this is the main reason they still are. Companies do glorify their products because they want money but governments have nothing to do with that. On the other hand the legalization of mushrooms hasnt taken place yet i believe because society is so afraid to open up to knew ideologies. But sooner or later i believe psychedelics will take control of the things and put this fuckin shit we live all together again.I hope i make sense. Surely goverments are corrupted but not all of it is corruption.

  4. Bill Wilson the co-founder of AA said that LSD was central to his ability to free himself from alcohol with a spiritual awakening, but could not get it accepted as part of the 12 step program to get off alcohol. His idea upset the other AA members.

  5. Thanks for going out of your way, even going out in the cold, to make these videos. I prefer to call them Entheogens or plant medicine. I believe they are used to help mankind transcend, evolve and give us easier access to universal knowledge.

  6. Yeah sometimes people who are partiers and view all "drugs" under the same umbrella are fortunate enough to decide to take a large dose of shrooms or some other psychedelic at a gathering and realize all the partying and alcohol and destructive/compulsive behavior they've been into. Or they just end up getting really high and get scared of how real things just got. And end up unfortunately demonizing the medicine when really it was just showing parts of them that they are scared of and/or are hurting them. These sophisticated technologies are here for evolutional purposes and are the opposite of drugs if anything. They're organic system upgrades or power ups to catalyze your evolution as a human being into something greater. Love your videos Jane and you are truly a testament to the fact of how easily psychedelics can flip your life around and lead you into a more positive direction in your life while here.

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