Ari Shaffir – Hunt for the Edible – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

While high at a UFC fight, Ari Shaffir had a genius idea about setting up a scavenger hunt for his fans, which he continued to do until he ran into trouble with the …



  1. Goddamn, that thing dice clay said is so fucking true about America today. Breaking the rules still nets you a profit of half a cigarette over anybody not trying anything, so why even try to follow the rules.

  2. I used to work at the MOA and I honestly think they look for the most aggressive applicants when they hire. I was there for 9 months and not once did I have a positive experience with a single one of them.

  3. Very funny. But the last part is so true. Let that been a black guy hiding weed strips. Mall cop and real cop would had beat him up lock him up. It wouldn't be no trick questions.

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