Bad K2 Trip !!!!! Kids Don't Smoke K2!! 1st Amendment Audit DC Police

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  1. Wow! The camera man is a real piece of shit! Back up and let people do their job instead of trying to micromanage the PEOPLE YOU CALLED FOR HELP!!!!! I would put gloves on too because I wouldn't touch those nasty fucks! Dumb shit.

  2. Is marijuana/marihuana/weed/cannabis legal yet? Ohh.. NO! But THC is a problem for finding or keeping a job , so then do synthetic? Who wants to wake up and try to pay a mortgage anyways? 🤣 We have condemned what “God” said was good (Genesis 1:11) Thrown many in a cage for something that is good in our creators eyes. You know what side you stand on, as personally been thrown in a cage several times over my “God Given Right” and many of y’all feel the same about “lack of” religious freedom in this country. America has the largest prison population in the world , as let’s build a wall to imprison ourselves some more. I am surprised the cop didn’t beat up the man that was intoxicated, as “QUIT resisting” is a common phrase. Legalize “The Herb” and heal this nation, as don’t get mad at the Nazis 👮 for doing their job, as be mad at injustice of this corruption ⚖️🤣💯we call law. It’s every citizens duty to DISOBEY UNJUST LAWS, as otherwise our country wouldn’t even exist . 📜😬🇬🇧🙄 Do you know Mexican isn’t a race, as it’s just a Nationality like American, but we have to label/diversify 🏷 OUR COUNTRY into what type of American are you? 😳🙄😳 Then when “The Americans” are put into groups (Brown, Black, White, Yellow, Red, etc.) we will fight amongst ourselves and “America will kill itself by its diversity and lack of unity”.

  3. Calls the authorities for help, then gets confrontational with them. Tells half conscious, possibly dying man to not go to the hospital. Those men need help and he's impeding it. Ignorant is not the word.

  4. Who are you gonna call to get the guy some help give you props for that but then you start acting like your in charge telling the police what to do and talking to this guy like he really understands what you are saying to him giving him legal advice telling the cop to let him go where he wants to go but then saying he needs help you did the good thing by calling for help now just set back let them do their thing I'm betting they know what they are doing

  5. Yo shout out to the camera man for recording/helping and calling but bro re fucking lax let them do there job n don’t tell the old man to not go in the ambulance come on he fucked up 🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. My God..Hes needs to go in an abulance at least he will detox.This anit funny we laugh cause we dont know.God help them😥.Im sending an angel😇How long does it take to get an ambulance

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