Bed Preparation, Direct Seeding, and Germination Tips

Some good tips and tricks to increase germination success, worth watching just to learn the trick to sprouting carrot seeds in summer! Also talking about garden …



  1. fantastique! (greetings from France) Your videos are inspiring. I'm going to sow a second bed of carrots now. do you add sand to your beds to promote growth?

  2. Another good vid! Thanks for putting these out! I live in east county, so I think I get a bit hotter. I'm definitely going to try the burlap on my carrots. I have the Jang and love it. I don't know if it was editing or did you start making your rows on one side? I like to make my first row in the center, then split the rest of the rows that way. I'd love to see some progress pics, if you have any. When do you first plant your carrots in the fall? Thanks again!

  3. watching your videos makes me so much more interested in farming and all that more than i already am, which i already am ALOT… seeing the website you buy seeds from OMG, its amazing… its a dream, and seeing how ALL the potatoes are sold out XDD BAW GAWD… why don't you do potatoes by the way?

  4. Great video! I didn’t have much luck with my plats this year mostly because we bought our house in July and we didn’t start a lot of them early enough but I also realized from watching this that most of my seeds were in direct sunlight for a couple days before I planted them. Always learning something new from each vid!

  5. Another great video thanks. I'd really appreciate it if you could remember the gardener from New Zealand that is on Youtube, is it Jodi Roebuck that you were thinking of? I'm in NZ & it's helpful to also follow someone in the same hemisphere and someone who speaks in metrics 😉 Thanks.

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