Bert Kreischer Went to AA to Get Back His Wife

Bert Kreischer tells Theo Von about breaking up with his wife before they were married and doing anything he can to get her back. Excerpt from Bert Kreischer …



  1. I made her a mixtape, I cried in the car, I bought flowers, I joined the army, I cut my shaggy hair, I wrote letters, I wrote love letters, I wrote apology letters.

    All I ever got back was “no”.

    Find new friends and new hobbies. Embrace the new.

  2. I went to rehab for 10 weeks to save my long-term relationship. Been sober 3 years now. I never, ever thought I'd be sober for such a long period, for life possibly, without the threat of losing her. But I also had to do it for me, not just her, otherwise I would have relapsed already. I have accepted that I cannot drink without the threat of binging and being a habitual user.

  3. This faggot ignorant fucking moron needs to to a lot more than go to AA for his wife. What about his alcoholism, being overweight, looking like he's about to die in about 12 years, probably can't do 10 push ups, his wife is more of a man than him. What else oh yeah maybe if picked up a book about what's actually going on in the world that would help him to, .oh an for the faggot pussy sjw YouTube no life that comments on everyone's video in a reply saying "you're so ignorant you don't even have proper grammar". Motherfucker I'm not righting an essay I'm venting about how retarded this man is

  4. Fat alcoholic comic that has a real issue with sexual harassment against his fellow female comics goes to AA to get his wife back while claiming that his problems all stem from his drinking? Oh shocking. The same shirtless fat pig that straddled and groped a crying woman at a small comedy show while a few others looked on and laughed needs help? The same asshole that has one joke and rides the coattails of funnier friends? The same guy that Joe Rogan started sober October on his podcast to get in line needs help? His wife left him after she caught him harassing a fellow comic through texts, until the comic msged his wife. I wouldn't be surprised if you told me he's had a friend cover up a rape. Oh wait he has. Poor guys just misunderstood. Remember he voted for Hilary.

  5. People aren’t ready to quit until they are willing to admit they have a problem. Very obviousl he has a problem. I don’t particulary like the guy, but I hope he can realize his problem before his organs shutdown.

  6. There's a few key differences between being an alcoholic and just genuinely loving alcohol. One being that an alcoholic will often drink to bury emotions from deep-seated trauma and numb themselves out, and over time they have to do it more to get through their lives until it becomes and every day thing, they get physically addicted, and boom. Full-blown alcoholism. Bert just seems like he likes to party, and he genuinely makes successful attempts to curb his drinking when he feels like it's getting out of hand. I don't think an actual alcoholic would ever do Sober October.

  7. God spoke to you?!
    So… fat, drunk, and undeservedly successful isn't enough for Bert.
    He has to throw delusional into the mix, as well.
    I wish he would ask his imaginary skydaddy/life coach why he's doling out advice to unfunny, overrated comics, and ignoring all those kids getting raped by his divine emissaries, turning a blind eye to to innocent believers getting blown apart every day, and not lifting a holy finger to stop the horrors and misery he promised to take care of.
    Seems like his non-existant god's priorities are a bit outta whack.

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