Breast Cancer Screening as a High-Risk Patient | Day in the Life Work-from-Home VLOG

This video is extremely personal, but I was inspired to film this morning when I woke up. Posting about this is a way to document my experiences and to connect …



  1. Watch out for health care practitioners sales tactics. They may not necessarily be looking out for your best interest. That being said, terminal illness like cancer is nothing to be feared. My Dad beat terminal illness and survived a liver transplant and is still kicking it 27 years later, and he did so by the grace of god, I.e. prayer, positivity, meditation, selflessness, kindness and awareness of others, diet and exercise. He overcame hep C, and that’s the formula for beating any illness. Save your money and keep doing what you are already doing and you will be fine, promise.

  2. Ok. Tough subject, but you presented it with calmness, vulnerability, undeniable strength and grace. I love your Vlog's – they make me feel good about myself after listening to your daily tasks (always) no matter what subject you are introducing. Cancer screenings are a must and eventually the insurance will pay (but they love to deny before paying – seems like a game). Have a fabulous Saturday!!!

  3. I really struggle to understand the health care situation in the US. I'm Australian and have never paid a cent for cancer treatment or preventative treatment and tests. I was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer at 17 (which I survived … doctors don't know why)…..I'm now 33 and still having regular tests and check ups. I can't even begin to imagine how much more stressful things would have been if we'd had to worry about how to pay for my care. Love your bravery in vlogging about your experiences with this. Many don't and for young people in particular (speaking from experience), it can make things so much scarier. Stay fabulous!

  4. Olivia, thanks for sharing your cancer story. Good for you on being pro active. I had my baseline mammogram at 40 which provided a history that enabled them to find my breast cancer at 48 at an early stage. I’m a 7 year survivor and truly believe that preventative screening saved my life. Blessings.

  5. Thank you for sharing. Women's health is something we often neglect and reminding each other is so important. We all need to take the time for self care and being proactive. Your weightloss journey has inspired me in my own and this video was a good push to stop putting off my mammogram as well.

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  7. I hope the testing comes out with good news. As a person with multiple health issues, I can say the average person has no idea how crappy insurance is until they need to use it. I get very discouraged with the constant battle with them.

  8. Olivia, I am not sure what type of insurance you have, but you do have the right to appeal any denial even if it comes under type of payment. Meaning preventative vs. non preventative. It sounds like Utilization management is the issue here who governs the determination. You also live in Cali. which is highly protected by the insurance commissioner. You also have the right to appeal through them. Best of luck with your health.

  9. Olivia, I get excited whenever you post, because you are such a calming and positive spirit. Thank you for sharing and advocating awareness

  10. Thank-you for sharing a world wide concern. I will pray you will never have breast cancer. You are right about how hard it is to face something like this, but so important to do so. In my family, we have a history of heart disease, my mom died at age 43, I was 5, my dad died at age 52, I was 12, and my brother died at age 54. It took me awhile to deal with all of that, but I'm taking care and doing all I can not to get a heart attack. I do wish that I would have faced it when I was younger though. I started to talk about it with one Doctor when I was 36 yrs. old. I see three Doctors about it for awhile now and I tell all of them I am living until I'm 87!! I have four children and seven grandchildren and I pray that my grandchildren will grow up to have grandparents. Life here and our loved ones and friends are so precious. Your shower invitations are lovely…so much to look forward to – so excited and happy for you.

  11. I went through my own cancer scare this year. I went for a routine checkup, and the pap smear results were abnormal. Further testing said it was aggressive precancerous adenocarcinoma cells. My doctor was terrible, just called me late on Friday right before they closed, told me that I needed to come in right away Monday morning! Talk about a horrible weekend of waiting! Then she told me what it was, and said I will need more tests and doctors, and tomorrow she made me an appointment for a doctor over at the cancer center. But I didn't have cancer, just a pre. I was absolutely devastated, like I was going to die! Cancer is terrifying. Being at the cancer center, no matter what you're there for, is terrifying. So they did a biopsy but weren't able to get it all. I could either let it go and see if it progresses, or have a hysterectomy. Never having a major surgery… wow… But I did it. I didn't want to sit and worry about if I'm going to have cancer later or not, will I be dead in two years or not. I have to go back once a year for 5 years for a check up, but hopefully I'll remain cancer free! I'm 37. I thought I was way too young to deal with this stuff, but it can strike at any age. I hope you remain fine and cancer free! Check out anti-cancer diets, it might help you keep healthy!

  12. Olivia- you are such an inspiration! It is so refreshing to see you face real life concerns with the vulnerability and trust that you do. I feel very honored to be part of the audience with whom you are choosing to share this. So many of us face scary things every day and feel that we have to hide our emotions and our fears. Your bravery and direct attention to the matter is encouraging, to say the least. Wishing you health and happiness!

  13. I follow CHRIS BEAT CANCER on YouTube. He shares amazing testimonials of people who have BEAT cancer AND he shares preventative measures to AVOID Cancer. PLEASE everyone check out his channel 💛🙏🏼

  14. Excellent, important video. If you are blessed and cancer has not impacted your life… Amen to you. But cancer affects everyone and awareness is paramount. Thank you for discussing this.

  15. Good for you for sharing this! I was like you and this year, at 54, I decided to have a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. My risk was up to 68% this year due to more and more family members over the years. how crazy it turned out I had lobular carcinoma in situ, which is a very different type of pre-cancer. It is contained in the lobular gland and the pre cancer doesn’t spread from there but it usually appears in the breast outside the gland within 15 years….in either of the breasts regardless which side it was first found in. And it wasn’t even the type cancer that runs in my family! I’m so glad you’re doing the bi-yearly tests. Good for you! And thanks for sharing the importance with others.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with this Olivia. I think it's so important for people that are comfortable to share things like this to share them, it helps take away the stigma of taking care of yourself.
    I love those bridal shower invites, so pretty!
    My best friend and I missed out on the fall wire head band launch, so we are totally lusting and wishing we could get the green and gold fabric and the maroon and gold ones 🙂 Congratulations on the GREAT launch =D

  17. Love your smile when you talk about your wedding! So excited for you! Good for you to be proactive in getting preventive care. I’ve heard so much about insurance not covering this at an early age. I think it’s absolutely nuts that they don’t cover things like this. Anyhow thank you for sharing something so personal with us viewers. 💕

  18. Keep on it! Breast cancer stuff is not fun, but it's just part of life! <3 best of luck with the insurance mess. Went through that earlier this year, but mine was just a cyst that "would probably just come back if they did anything" so I left it alone. hugs!

  19. Hi Olivia. Thank you for sharing. I'm going through a similar experience myself. The good thing is that we're still healthy, the bad news is the bills are enough to make us sick. It's a shame insurance doesn't like to pay for preventive care. Hang in there. We got this!

  20. God bless Olivia, thank you for sharing something very personal, you have a great platform to voice how important screening is, reaching us far and wide, positive prays for you xx

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