1. If you can’t handle the taste of kratom, well here you go:

    1. Insert a tea-bag of “cinnamon spice tea” and 6-7oz of water together into a coffee mug.
    2. Heat that shit up for 1 minute in the microwave. (Do not boil the water, it destroys alkaloids)
    3. Dip the tea-bag in and out of the water repeatedly to make sure that water is now tea! :p
    4. Once your heated up water is now brownish in color (now tea). :p
    5. Remove the tea-bag!!!
    6. Now, Insert your desired amount of kratom!
    (I use 5-7g every time)
    5. Insert 2-3oz of milk
    6. Insert 2-4tsp of sugar
    7. Insert 1-2tsp of honey (optional)
    8. Andddd, stir 🙂

    You’re welcome. And yes, yes I am a god.

  2. Kratom is a grounded up into a fine substance when in pill form. As a fine substance, air is less likely to flow. This would explain the longer and slower hits.

  3. It doesnt work… Just look into it a bit. Order full spectrum extract from callebs botanicals, take a gram mix in a couple grams of any normal green strain… Then smoke your weed. I haven't felt Kratom without weed for years cuz I've taken it do long. But once I mix then it acts so much more like an opiote I swear. All the stimulant effects are gone but a quarter g dab + some co2 Kratom extract gets me like hydros. People say kratoms not legit but I can take 40mg of morphine and barely feel it. Previously to Kratom I'd be chillen off 20

  4. I love me some green maeng da and I smoke hella ganja. I’ll stick to just toss and washing then smoking. Haha. Thanx for the info though, I was just curious. Good video. New subscriber here

  5. I'll definitely try this tomorrow. Out of papers right now. And if you ever need larger amounts I know a guy that sells very fresh kratom for $5. An ounce but that's when you buy a lb or kilo. I just bought a kilo for $171. Half green and half red. Peace bro.

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