Cannabis Farming Was Required by Law – Plus a History of Hemp and Marijuana in the US

Back in the Colonial days of US history, farmers were legally required to grow cannabis for hemp. In the mid 1800s medical uses were being proposed for …



  1. Correction, the U.S. fossil fuel, cotton, tobacco, chemical and pharmaceutical industries knew hemp was their major competition, due to it's many uses, sustainability, and able to grow everywhere with a complete non reliance on chemicals. Therefore the "government" was paid to legislate it out of existence. So here we are ;(

  2. I read somewhere that Henry Ford originally wanted his cars to be made from a type of hemp mesh. I know that sounds nuts but it's like a plant-based carbon fiber thing.

  3. I'm still waiting for someone to report my Monk's Pepper plants to the local sheriff because they mistake it for marijuana. I know that would be pretty stupid, but stupid happens!

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