1. Lauren, I am a 31 year old male, so this is not a grandpa lecture. You are a sweet girl, and good looking, but I feel really sorry for you. It's the lifestyle you chose that got you into drugs. This might sound very prudish, but…Every second word is F…and your are covered in tats and speak way, way too fast. Most people in their teens talk too fast, but learn to speak more slowly and more clearly as they get older and start building their careers. I don't know how to say this more kindly, but you need to grow out of these habits and this lifestyle. Getting off drugs is just a start. Getting closer to God can help. With a lot of things. Mixing with believers can also rub off on you in amazing ways. I wish you the best of luck, God bless girl.

  2. Eat it, don't smoke it. With smoking, most of the goodness is going up in smoke and you get tar in your lungs. (any organic substance that catches fire creates tar/soot). Learn how to make the oils and eat it in tiny amounts, because the oils are potent – depending how thick.

  3. If you don't mind sharing, I have watched a few of your videos and other than you saying you were taking pain pills back on your very first video, what drugs were you using?Was it heroin? or all pain pills? And how much if it was pain pills?Thank you and hope you can stay clean.

  4. I can def relate to this I’m a little over two years clean and after the 9 month program I went through weed was my way to cope with all the acute withdrawals but now I’ve been clean off everything including weed for my new job and I’ve never felt this depressed and Im sure it’s because I quit weed like shit it was the only thing that kept me going now I’m having thoughts of relapse and I’m asking myself is this job and everything is worth this mental anguish I just want to be happy

  5. Hey Lauren, hope all is well. I found your videos as I searched for suboxone withdrawl day… I have watched tons, you know how that is, but yours were the only ones I felt I could relate to and I especially appreciated your reminders that PAWS dont necessarily torture everyone. I am on day 21 now and feel like I have felt inline with your symptoms on same days so I am hopeful that by day 30 I am almost over all this annoying physical shit and most of all the insomnia- I have zero other Meds to help me thru this so relying on vitamins, diet, exercise, and natural sleep meds (INSOMNIA IS FLIPPEN MADDENING!!!!!!) – I continued to watch all your videos cause I enjoyed you and wanted to follow your journey further even though I couldn't totally relate. I really appreciated your honesty and that you keep making videos regardless of your relapses. Thank you so much for being first and most important a solid assist in the passage of time cause you know how desperate we all are for that and secondly for just being real and soo positive! I have never made a video but I may soon- honestly couldn't have pulled off making one any sooner this has been so so so much harder than I thought especially since I had no intentions of getting off suboxone but do to a mental breakdown and hospitilization for that (to which I brought my prescription films so I could still maintain my 4-6mg a day NEED – which BTW was 10-12mg less than Dr. was insisting I needed) but they just threw them away and BAM! Cold Turkey no taper!!!! NO prep and in the midst of mental breakdown. This is also my first ever detox experience – Day 3 in there was first day of HELL! then they just discharged me on Day 5. I had left one film at home and at that moment I would have taken or done anything I coulda gotten my hands on just to end the tortures but I forced myself to go stay at parents for almost 2 weeks that was very miserable but safe and now I'm back home and I wouldn't touch that film if I was about to die! It is hanging in my office with a black sharpie note on it of F#$% You!!!!!!!! Sorry didnt mean to ramble about myself so much. I really started to comment just to see how you are doing as your last video was 2 months ago. Whatever your up to I am rooting for ya!

  6. God Bless You,Lady!!(not to start out all religious,but I do wish You Lots of Blessings!)I,totally,understand the power drugs can have over a person! I dont have experience with opiates,but I've been there with other things thruout my life. But I want You to know,I am really Proud of you for what You're doing,Standing Up For Yourself & Your Life,& Fighting For It!! That takes a lot of Courage!( which You have,obviously!;making videos to show people the severity & power of these drugs,& what they can do to a person!) 👏Good For You! You are an Inspiration!( Hopefully to a lot others!) I just had to comment! Your efforts arent wasted! At some point,personally,I guess I just had Enough of the things that plagued my life!( Plus,I was so tired of dying inside! & ready to start living again!) So,I pray for you now and Hope You receive Lots of support in Your quest! One thing that made a huge difference for me was to realize that I Wasn't Alone! And there were others that suffered like I had!(and worse!)And,Yes!,weed has helped me,as well,like so many others with lots of things! Truly a miracle drug,I have to say! Of course,"everything in moderation"! But weed helped me when nothing else has! "Major Kudos" to You,Lady,for trying to work through Your struggles!!👊 You Are Beautiful!,Inside & Out!😁*Peace☮,Love💓,& Happiness😄I Wish & pray for You!(&Yours!) Whatever You do or go through,"Don't Stop!!"It's Your Time to Shine!🕯💖💎Let's Really Live Again!😉😊🤗✌

  7. Thanks for the vids. What would you recommend to help with the RLS stuff when coming off subs? I’m down to 1 mg and jumping off next weekend. I already tried jumping at 3 mg and only got 53 hrs in before I had massive rls and so I went back on to taper lower. I can handle everything but the nighttime full body cramps. Would cannabis get rid of it? Thanks

  8. Trying to find a MMJ product that works for rls. I’m getting more baked but no relief from the legs, arms and stomach restlessness. Driving me crazy, can’t sleep

  9. The people who say they don’t care that much always care the most..But that’s neither here nor there, yeah I was glad to see that you came to this realization God speed

  10. Everytime u said you just woke up its always followed by a couple of sniffs. Lauren ive noticed that through out 80% of ur videos, everytime you smile laugh or even giggle it has nothing to do with actually laughing or smiling cause its all just a huge mask/cover-up from all your disappoimtments and downfalls which really make me sad cause behind those actual smiles is a soul reaching out looking for an exit and a way out. I totally feel you I swear. Youre an artist and most artists are emotional and use a lot of heart rather than the mind. An advice from me kick them habits away, move out and stay with your family and suffer a bit cause trust me at 32 aint nothing like back at 17 where it was your starting point. At your age right now there is a lot to lose more than there is to gain. I never comment on videos at all but I see so much pain in you that triggered the pain in me. Not being a hypocrite cause I've been relapsing for the past month like I'd Promise myself that this is my final time then get off for a day and 1/2 where i wake up in pain and thinking about nothing but the time it was to go grab a baggie from dude and If it's not open up shop time yet it feels like Hell where minutes literally feel like decades and from that second till its all settled it becomes a journey barefoot for years walking on lava till its in your system again. Then the cycle is back at square one. Talking about pain behind smiles, tell me about it. Anyways I'm an artist as well. Here check out my work while you're on your journey which ever way you take and move yourself. Be good Soundcloud.com/05fades

  11. and when I get very down I close myself away too because I don't want to go out I'm in the world like that scared of relapse so I'm still going through a lot of things with that as well and I believe that that's something that I'll probably deal with it for the rest of my life I'm not sure I'm trying to get help for it I am very bipolar so that plays a big part and the way that I feel most of the time and I'm not prescribe anything for that at this point because I don't want to be addicted to nothing no more I started off being addicted to pills and I was like that for about 15 years prescribed by a doctor and I wind up becoming a heroin addict of course everybody story is the same these f**** doctors really did f*** us up for real though at this point I am on methadone I'm not happy about that because at this point I have 19 months clean and I'm ready to go into detox and come off of the methadone not liking the way that is making me feel I wish I would have went with suboxone I didn't know at the time I just needed to get off of heroin Style baby yes we're struggling but I'm watching you I'm subscribed I really like you and I'm going to keep watching think you're beautiful think you're a good person I think you're real and honey God bless you on your journey

  12. nose honey I got 19 months clean I don't want to keep saying that but yes I have 19 months clean from heroin and I smoke plenty so I can with you honey that's what help me I think you're just still young going through something you will be just fine because you are trying you do care to get clean some people don't even care at least you're trying we're only human don't be so hard on yourself you're doing better than a lot of people you're very blessed I don't think you realize it let go and let God and you'll be okay that's what I had to do I still find myself pretty depressed and I just think that's the phase US 17 years of opiate abuse so yeah God bless you

  13. Stay positive and a day at a time. Again do it for you not for others. Life is beautiful even if it doesn’t seem so. Hope ur having a great day n are staying the course. Much love and positivity to u!! 🙂

  14. Cannabis keeps u behind in life, same as opiates except u dont get much phsyical withdawal, U dont want to be 40 and still doing cannabis with no house, job, decent intelligent fit partner etc

  15. Just found your video's,I'm on subs & want to start tapering. Besides exercise what where the vitamins & supliment's you talked about in your other video's? Congrats on getting clean. B.T.W.,I have the same Misfits tattoo on my right calf. 😊

  16. Love your videos tho. You have lots of good content on opiates. You have and are pretty much built a research channel at this point lol. I've been editing videos for years. I have one coming up in a week that you will really like. Would love to do a video interview with you or if possible in person. A. I can help your channel to gain you more subs. Try posting daily if possible. You could actually grow and make money doing this. Message me on here or Instagram matthewpif

  17. You said the smell haha. When I got clean the smell of my sweat was so different and it irritated me so much. Try yoga, or go to open gym at a gymnast place, or do I what I picked up which is juijitsu for your depression. I've found these three things help your movement which made me have a stronger mind. I no longer have any depression.

  18. I have watched a few of your vids it seems to me you are going though great change I will say a prayer for u. Have u ever tried going Vegan & Yoga they work together very nicely?Peace be with u.

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