Come along with me this evening as I cook Italian Beef sandwiches for dinner and clean up the kitchen. There’s also a closet chat about my day job! I’m a …



  1. Thanks for spending the evening with me! I realized I didn't really say it in the video, but I assessed Connor's head where he said he bumped it and I didn't notice anything. Safe to say he is perfectly fine 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. Your a great mom and person. I really admire your work ethics and you are super blessed to be able to do two things you truly care about and make good money doing them both… I am a part time student and full time Nanny. My DH and I raised 4 kids and are now empty nesters…I love watching you do your thing, it motivates me to do more when I think I'm too tired to go on. So thanks. PS, I love Jia's channel too.

  3. I know how you feel about not wanting to believe your kids when they say they are sick. My oldest daughter Cadence has faked being sick before & she got grounded for doing that. She hasn't faked being sick for along time now. You would do amazing at doing youtube fulltime. Great vlog as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Me being young and making under 15 hr I’ve thought about making a YouTube channel because I know how to make wigs/weave ect full face makeup cook and I’m a mother and my life actually is very exciting and crazy sometimes I just don’t know if I want too lol I’m still thinking about it

  5. I haven’t even started my career yet I’m 22 and still in college but I’m a stay at home mom now and work from home on my own time but i can’t talk for the future but I know I won’t be working full time anyways only like 2/3 days because I will be home schooling my children but the career ima going for is a dentist so I’ll make more than enough working part time

  6. my peace of mind and love language is security. i need the job security and knowing our needs are met. if that comes from something of passion/fun, then hell yes i'd leave my job. i actually like what i do and the company i work for, but the people i work for and their personal bs make being here hard. i'm curious mostly on how the income happens. is it the ads or the views?

  7. If I could be a successful youtuber with out giving up my soul I would.
    I am in a position in my life that my child is a college student so no longer needs to rely upon me so much. I would quit my job ( give up my business) and never look back if I could only get serious about YouTube 😞.

  8. Thanks for this video! I work full time in the tech industry, but currently challenged with extreme fatigue and burnout. My kids are almost out of the house, so empty nest is almost here. I need a side hustle for more reasons than one. I’m leaning towards starting a YT channel, but not sure how to get started. Watching this video inspires me to really consider it. Thank you Jenn!

  9. Just started watching your channel and I’m so happy I came across it!! You crack me up!! You ARE classy af btw, and motivated af!!! You’re giving me inspiration that I need to become a little more outgoing, if you can do it all so can I!! Go mama! 🍻

  10. i asked probably already, but how in the world do you have time to do aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll of this? youtube, editting, meal prep, cooking, cleaning, work?????

  11. i guess you really gotta be a dog person to not be bothered by the dog right up your butt while you tryna get things done…. i woulda been screamed…. moooooooooooooooooooovvvvvveee doooooooooooooooooooggggg…

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