How to Know If a Girl Likes You

How to Know if a Girl Likes You. In case you have crush on a girl, but you aren’t sure if she feels the same and you don’t want to embarrass yourself asking her, …



    Pay attention to her stance. 0:47
    What about eye contact? 1:26
    Does she try to touch you accidentally? 2:01
    Does she mirror your movements? 3:01
    Does she play with her hair? 3:39
    Do you see her smile more often than others? 4:05
    Does she shower you with compliments? 4:26
    Pay attention to reactions from her friends. 4:45
    Does she try to stay in touch? 5:18
    Pay attention to her style. 5:54
    Does she create situations that require your help? 6:21
    Does she mention your relationship status? 7:12
    Pay attention to her behavior around other people. 7:39
    Take your own steps. 8:10
    Admit that you like her. 8:39

  2. My crush always finds a way to talk to me or touch me by tickling me. She acts like a normal person near her friends but shy towards me, and she has the stances.

  3. Ok, I think my crush likes me, but I'm not 100% sure. I told her that I liked her. She said she didn't know if she likes anyone or not. But, her friends told me that she DID like me. I'll pay attention the next time I see her. I WILL FIND OUT!!

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