How To Make Rosin e-Juice (Rosin Press Wax for eCig Cartridges): Cannabasics #60

Learn How To Make eCig Juice From Rosin Press Wax today on Cannabasics. Sponsored by We use very high quality Live Rosin and …



  1. wait?? did u set a mini rosin puck( presemibly it had been pressed ) what to do with the liquid that just came out your press?? at what point am I just adding too much solvent?? dont answer if you dont kno please.

  2. thats some weak shit man, 2ml will dilute your gram into 4x 500ml carts… you woukd be vaping a hella loy to get a buzz. Just get distilate and add terps only to make potent carts.

  3. my rosin-PG is not looking very clear, and I think cartridges are getting stuck, maybe with the fats and waxes? any idea how to fix it? my cartridges are 1,3 mm hole.

  4. I've tried this an wasted 3 grams an each gram I tried the microwave an it doesn't completely dissolve the wax enough I have boiled it in water but DONT USE MICROWAVE an if somebody has any suggestions lmk but I'll warn you I've tried multiple things an that wax liquidizer ain't working for me

  5. U keep using wax rosin as a product than you separate rosin and wax as different things in your sentences. Rosin and wax are not the same thing! Make it simple..that is Rosin. Add 2 ml pg to shot glass mix. Nuke 15 seconds. Add to ejuice. Done

  6. the way vapes work, if you see it come out, you are WASTING. the point of vape originally was that when you breath out, it has no visual and is odorless. however, if you breath out white, that means you didn't absorb it. had a kid i worked with, who did nicotine vape. i made him take a TINY hit and hold it, he breathed out nothing, and then he got nicotine sweats and dizziness. he said he didn't like it. and i told him "that's because normally you are wasting where as this time you actually absorbed it all". same goes for normal marijuana. if you breath out white, you didn't absorb it all. remember the classic video of the old dude that takes a GIGANTIC bong hit, and sits there holding it in, and when he breaths out there was nothing to be seen? he absorbed it all. facts

  7. I have tried this method a thousand times and it never works for me, I've tried using less wax liquidizer I've tried using more I've tried using more wax and less wax I've tried different cartridges nothing ever works,

  8. I cannot believe that you put it in the microwave. All I got to do is put the shot glass with the rosin and liquidizer in a saucepan with water reaching halfway up the shot glass and Heat it right below boiling point for 5 minutes well continuously stirring. The microwave sucks up the molecular structure

  9. Your video sucks. Essential oils are toxic to a lot of people who may not know it. Very irresponsible for you to tell people to use that. And you didn't even show the 1st step. And microwave? Really!

  10. I just made some and surprisingly it turned out really well. Used less than 1 gram of top shelf and made a full thing of vape juice. So that’s enough to keep me medicated for like almost a week for under 15 dollars. For medical patients this is a lifesaver.

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