1. It's not exactly the most comfortable feeling in the world sharing these stories from my dark past, but I really hope somebody gets something out of it. No matter what shit hole you've dug yourself in, there's always the potential for profound transformation. It's just a matter of perseverance and to keep walking towards the light, which is far more powerful than you can even imagine. No matter how dark it gets, light will always be more powerful, you just have to seek it. There are always people around that love you and genuinely want to help, don't ever underestimate that. Peace.
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    Much love,

  2. Tom I love you so much man. I would love to meet you one day and become friends. I am a huge fan of your videos and what you stand for, I dont want anything bad to ever happen to you again my friend. sending you good vibes from idaho

  3. at first I was a little worried that maybe you had a shitty time on santiago and you would make chile look bad. glad that it wasn't like that,
    I really love your content btw, saludos compa 🙂

  4. I had a kind of similar experience overseas, coming out of a strip club wasted and some guy asked if I wanted coke, and took me to buy it from some dodgy bloke, bought what turned out to be crack and he pulled out a pipe and put the crack in it and gave me some and stole the rest. As you say, be careful, be with people you know and trust, know your substance and don’t be stupid. These days I’d never put myself in the situations I’ve ended up in through the poor decisions while drunk or high.

  5. Greetings from Toronto Canada!! I was also "voluntarily" kidnapped when I went to Mexico. It was terrifying and I suffer from PTSD to this day from it. Keep your head up man!

  6. I feel like crack, speed, meth, but also ketamine to a extent suck the life force (prana, chi whatever you want to call it) out of you.

    The fact that these drugs fall under the same category as weed, psylocibin, asid and DMT baffle me.

  7. I think I can speak for everyone by saying that it is great to hear these personal stories, it makes it easier to relate to you and the troubles you have gone through. You seem like a really cool guy to be friends with and hang around with!

  8. but, but… crack IS just smokeable cocaine. I don't understand the stigma around crack (not that I'm a crack advocate) but it's simply cocaine without the HCl so that it has a lower boiling point making it easier to be smoked, the pharmacology is the same. Being fine with smoking cocaine but not with smoking crack doesn't really make sense

  9. i have never head such a disregard for self responsibility in my life lol …. bro im a bit disgusted that you actually said the words "you don't fuck with my family in chille and esp kidnap their baby cousin and influence him into smoking crack and take him god knows where"…..bro ….. WTF is wrong with you?! lol …. YOU got in that car…YOU put that pipe in your mouth and lit the end and smoked it…..YOU MADE THESE CHOICES …its sad to see a grown ass man seek retribution bc another man INFLUENCED you into doing something…like your some kind an angel with all your cocaine lol no judgement from me just funny that hes so bad for rock but its ok for you to snort it in powder form all night lol….u claim to put your foot down when he was gonna get to work and drop you off in nowhere land but didn't put that same foot down when the girl is going thru your pockets and you were clearly aware of it happening while on crack which is a stimulant therefore its a bit odd that one would loose consciousness after crack when most people are as you say speedy Gonzales after a toke of rock lol ….the click bate title was bad enough but then you want to insinuate that your family punished this man in some way for doing what im sure EVERYONE in such a place does and that's look to take advantage of young dumb tourists with money….. you were all the above but broke….. no one hurt you or made you do anything ….. they dropped you off and even offered you your money for bus lol…. perhaps your money back but still lolol ….. what you describe is in no way an "against your will experience" and the fact that you are acting as tho it was is absurd… no different than girls who get caught up in the moment and have sex and then claim rape later…. no one forced ANYTHING….except perhaps go thru your pockets when passed out and that would happen ANYWHERE in such a place so …… take responsibility for your actions and be clear about what it means to be kidnapped bc THIS aint it BROH!

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