Im trying to find my niche. I’m feeling like story time videos are kind of dead. Should i do something different? Do you guys enjoy adventure vlogs? Tell me what …



  1. Definitely need that heat!! Glock go POP!! 💀💙💎 Man I am so sorry, I wasn't getting notifications from you and a couple other people – found out I had been unsubbed??? How about a live stream??? You know in the past for me it was always WHATEVER SATAN but now its NOT TODAY???

  2. Hmm. Sounds sorta inline with ancient Chinese beliefs about weed. 

    In the Shennong Ben Cao Jing it says: "To take much makes people see demons and throw themselves about like maniacs (多食令人見鬼狂走). But if one takes it over a long period of time one can communicate with the spirits, and one's body becomes light"

    Lol and I'm glad you know about the importance of throat-punching Kayla. Thatta girl. I saw your quiet live stream the other day ha. I think it'd be a good idea if you just made a variety of different kinds of vids like maybe story times mixed with vlogs mixed with other shit.

  3. Honestly if I knew that you thought I was weird (I know you do already but if you didn’t really know me) I’d probably fuck with you by doing weird shit like this

  4. Girl, once I was so high that I fell off the freakin 16ft tall wall.. my inner voice was like "don't do it, just lean back, you have no self-control rn" and I listened to it 🙄 Basically a humpty dumpty shit, only I cracked my mf spine

    I feel that dude 😂

  5. Are story times dead? Do you guys wanna see different content? Let me know if the comments below 🖤
    Love you lil bitchesssss. As always thanks for your support. Your likes and comments mean the WORLD
    XOXOXO 😽

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