I tried a Coral Reefer vape pen + Liberty Health Sciences' flower | Florida Medical Marijuana

hope you guys like this DOUBLE product review * I am a legal medical marijuana patient in the state of Florida. Everything in this video has been purchased …



  1. Liberty might be worth a drive for that price point! In my area the wait at Trulieve gives me anxiety too! I picked up the Dutch Hawaiian on4/20 and it was nice 🙂

  2. Thank you for the review. Two things I’ll run by you regarding Surterra Coral Refeer brand, I hope the vape pens work better than they usual Surterra vape pen which is a hit a miss (malfunction) and Surterra doesn’t specify the strain type aka indica or sativa which for some of us that sativa produces anxiety and paranoia would help in choosing.
    Just tried Trulieve’s Phuck Yeah strain and is awesome, was really looking forward for some of the legendary LA Confidential strain but they can’t keep it in stock, will be getting some Liberty’s Star Killer strain which I’m psych and hopefully I could also try curaleaf’s Afghani which has been sold out for a lot of days. Love Indica strains whoever said they are only for night time needs to do some daytime gaming 🙂 ☮️

  3. the drooling bit cracked me up lol. wish i could've gotten my hands on the $28 eighths, but LHS Tampa didn't fulfill any online orders & sold out all their flower.

  4. Great video, I picked up blue dream from liberty today and it looked nothing like yours, mine was honestly terrible. glad yours was good.

  5. I just applied for my card and won’t see the dr for the consultation until the end of May. I just found your videos last night and I’m really enjoying them. I’ve never been a big pot smoker but I’m older now and have arthritis in my shoulder and it’s crippling. I hate taking pain pills and I’ve heard nothing but good about MMJ.
    I don’t see myself smoking whole flower but I won’t exclude it. I tried a vape pen from a friend and it killed my pain totally.
    I look forward to your future videos.
    Take care and stay happy:)

  6. I got mine yesterday at surterra i wanted the pods with the tideryder pen but it was sold out so i got 2 of the surfin in huricane tsunami 🏄 i am stoned right now its actullay better than the myakka in my opinion

  7. High, from WPB, FL. Love your channel. I bought the Blue Dream on Friday, it's my close 2nd flower to the good ol' Jack Herer. I am not the biggest fan of Surterra's products but the Jimmy Buffet Tsunami disposable tastes really nice and the effects are great.

  8. I just bought Sentara Jimmy Buffett's finest I got my discounts of course I like it I like the design it's fun and for Blue Dream from Liberty Health Science that's the is so awesome I got an early birthday present for myself I needed to think out-of-the-box and I sure did and try something new thank you for the great videos

  9. Keep up with the good content and information.. (ANXIETY) I hate Waiting in line at trulieve and you are a 100% right about there flower. I hope it gets better but I like there crumble for sure.

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