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  1. Now that NJ1015 has capitulated to the fake outrage of liberals and suspended Dennis & Judi over an EXTREMELY OVERBLOWN "turban guy" comment on the air, the only saving grace would have been Bill Spadea who seems to be the only other individual on the channel without a liberal bias of some degree. But since he's on vacation, and you got this douche to listen to in his place, it's wall-to-wall idiots right up to Deminski & Doyle at rush hour. I mean the fact you would even acknowledge the left's (and Comrade Murphy's) fake outrage over a comment made about some local politician who happens to wear a turban shows you lean toward the scum and filth of the NJ left and not trying to remain neutral. There is no excuse for ANY action whatsoever against Dennis & Judi for the comments made, period. You're going to lose listeners if you keep bowing to the left's whim. You were one local media outlet that at least TRIED to keep a semi neutral standing on the news.

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