1. Message!! When a heavily patronized conglomerate, such as “Gucci” blatantly disrespects a major customer base, a savvy businessman will see opportunity in that market! Message!! just sayin.

  2. These dudes are family they helping each other eat the whole team qc is the spot to sign they under that Gucci mane blood line the whole Atlanta feeding each other and the city Niggas really bossed up in Atlanta right now ralo 21 savage future Gucci qc

  3. Y’all dumb…Them niggas make they own money, he just showing love buying him that. QC the label make niggas rich, look at Lil Yachty, Migos, Rich The Kid even tho he left. Lil Baby too. Pee & Coach K helping them & they helping them. 💯

  4. Pee been haveing money befor this rap shit poped off he just being smart you got to understand it's hood niggas that's rich that other niggas don't no nothing about I no niggas that Got more money than Jay Z real shit but real hood niggas anit got shit to prove cause they had it when Jesus walk the earth just saying 💯 💯💯

  5. Salute 2 him and his success but MATERIAL THINGS come and go…and that's all this new generation care about is MATERIAL THINGS…the industry vultures give them the little crumbs just 2 keep a smile on their face, 2 keep them putting money in THEIR OWN POCKETS…these artist have no royalties, no assets, OWNED property, etc…everybody have their time 2 shine…so I hope they r all being smart about saving money and trying 2 build their own empire…so when their career is over they have something 2 fall back on 4 themselves and their family

  6. One day these rappers will realize the gifts the label gives them are actually paid for with they own damn money. Its bout to be 2019 and Niggas still getting played.

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