Lolli Popping Your plants ( Update)

Last week I posted a video on how to prevent popcorn nugs, and some people messaged me thinking that I over cut them. I over lolli pop my plants because as …



  1. I am a long time grower I guess you could say, but for my whole life, it was always up to nature. Always outdoors, and always a disappointment. Now, times have changed and quality is much more important. So, after moving indoors I realized that I need to forget everything I thought I knew, and learn everything all over again.
    So now I am nearing the third week of flowering and many questions are on my mind. Like how to increase bud density and trichome count (potency). But really I want to have healthy happy plants. I know rule one is nature knows best. Rule two is patience, and rule three is keep the stress levels down. Now how do I do all that at the same time as trying to encourage the plants to be more productive?

  2. It is amazing at how fast plants add growth after a good lollypop and cleanout. Ive gotten a lil aggressive as well and the following week…boom! Some strains like it more than others

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