1. Another contribution to the bail bond, police/court system by way of monetary revenue. A blemish on a record that doesnt have to exist. Police and courts would turn the public against them, and then complain that the public doesn't respect them.

  2. Great work! This is why we need everyone to binge watch videos of people standing up for their rights so we're ready when the time comes, and not intimidated by their tactics of oppression

  3. All of these cops think they are "Saving the country" with their harassment of peaceful people…. They are hurting us and themselves with their TYRANNY

  4. The officer was mad because he didn't get a chance to go in his duty bag and grab about .35 cents worth of weed and and old ,38 revolver held together with duct tape to frame the guy. Plus if a store sells it legally, it is legal to buy and own. But most people can't afford a decent lawyer and the police know it. The police are possibly looking for a used car for their child when they tow the guys car.

  5. The cop on the right looks like he's had the munchies a time or two, doubtful he could run a block.with marijuana being legalized in so many states it's about time Texas stop arresting individuals for their own profit

  6. public parasites just shaking people down for cash as usual…I wonder how many people get drugs planted in their car from bad cops.

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