Marijuana Edibles Education with Dr. Rav Ivker & Medamints

Medamints presents a Q&A with Dr. Rav Ivker and Gary Gabrel titled Marijuana Edibles Education. An interview with Mr. Gabrel, co-creator of Medamints, and …



  1. I was severely abused as a child and became anti social for many years. Then I tried smoking weed at the age of 23 and learned how to become social. Smoking caused me to see the world more with laughter and abandon.
    I had a NDE as a child, so I was bullied for many years. Then I found books about NDEs and quantum physics and fast healing. I learned that nothing is solid, so all of us and everything else are electrical/magnetic energy field vibrations. I learned how to heal myself and others really fast with being very open minded and happy. I felt energy flows in and out of my holographic body. But I have forgotten to eat alkaline foods, so my legs and feet are swollen. Just within the last few days one leg is leaking fluid out down to my feet. Someone told me to get sugar blockers. I took these pills and stopped the sugar and bread. The leaking leg stopped leaking. Thanks for reminding me again to drop eating that bread and that sugar coffee. These are my favorite things to eat, but I am becoming creative with my salads.

  2. I'm proud to have been a part of this piece. It was done on a very tight budget, so we know some production values could have been higher, especially sound quality, but it was a work of love with some good information. Hope you enjoy and benefit.

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