1. Other things to note:
    Uplisitngs. The more companies that uplist like ACB, APH, etc. the more short term catalysts are used up.
    Traders right now are jumping from 1 name to the next just like we did from coin to coin.
    Shares available to short. Right now many brokers do not have them for CGC, CRON, TLRY, etc.
    I believe this is intentional to a degree. The big boys will make shorting easy when that is in their agenda.

  2. appreciate your right thoughts. I would still like to understand how to quickly switch from crypto to canadian Mj (obviously monitoring the situation after consolidation, and if … it's worth it)
    According to you the correct passage is: cash the crypts, and then transfer the cash to an online broker that treats the stocks (in this case also the canadian MJ) ??? , (I would still be in control of my funds or I would be subject to the Broker ???), or maybe …, there is a platform that allows European citizens regularly registered to operate both in crypto and in stock ??? (because Robinhood, does not allow it, being enabled only to American citizens.)
    Thanks for any embedments, Independently, if I will implement it or not, I would like to understand, possible, and correct steps, N1 in principle, N2 to always stay in control of the funds, and have the freedom to switch from one market to another as soon as the correct signals are felt.

  3. Thanks for your time and insight, I've been following and watching your videos for some time now and I appreciate all that you provide.
    I would like to know if you see TLRY breaking the $400 mark sometime next week.
    Thanks again

  4. Dude this is the best video ever. You're a freaking JEDI. Well played mate. Seriously, I've only been into trading since last May and only in crypto, but I've been studying TONS of information daily from Traditional markets and many different teachers. Having found your channel from the start its been amazing to watch your journey and and ride the waves with you broski. Its great to find people that share the same values around money, people, food, farming, gov't, health, and activism. You're a tremendous value to this community so thanks man I can't believe I didn't get into MJ the first vid you put out lol. Profits from crypto December into the untapped MJ market and now that blows up? You caught to of the biggest runs back to back… I think we're all listening now Dan. #cbdtacomoney

  5. Good honest advise as always from Dan the Man but I would say from my side that MJ is harder to trade from outside the US due to out of hours trading which is not available here in the UK so you can only trade while the market is open, as if the odds were not stacked against us enough. At least with Crypto 24hr market you have the same chance as everyone else.

  6. Dan what are your thoughts on the US MJ companies that, comperatively, may or may not have seen the runs that their Canadian counterparts have had? MPX, LHS, IAN, TRST, CRZ.

  7. Thanks Dan – awesome channel. I'm a crypto guy but can't help the urge to short the Canadian MJ now that CNBC is all over it! Where's the best place to short it?

  8. You might not see this but I just want to say a few things before even watching the video.

    I want to show a little bit of gratitude for all the work you and the ChartGuys do without asking for a single penny. Thank you so much.

    Your dedication beyond the norm has helped me learn little by little about TA and I fell like this is something I'm enjoying a lot to learn.

    I also want to thank you for all the life lessons you gave us here and there on each video. Most often than not when I see myself thinking of how to become a better person I always remember your "Continue to do good things" phrase and I try to reflect on becoming a better human with this mindset.

    Thank you for your service in the community, you'll not be forgotten <3

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