Nick Cannon: Mariah Carey and Arianna Grande Were Pitted Against Each Other (Part 11)

Watch Part 10: Part 1: ———————— In this VladTV exclusive, Nick Cannon commented on a video of Ariana …



  1. A collaboration with both ariana and mariah would have been possible if it wasn't for some stupid people comparing them both bloody idiots ruined it for the fan base that wants to see this happening.

  2. Okay I really love Mariah but she has a huge ego and that's the reason she has been flopping these last few years.. Ariana looks so humble and lovely girl..i love Mariah but she loves shadding other powerhause singers like her..

  3. The comparison always happens just like when Whitney was asked about Mariah
    She answered"I don't think of her" and media tried to create rivalry between them but they ended up being friends.
    I wish people could outsmart those media and stop putting talented singers against each others.

  4. People need to get over their egos 😎😎😎 ! Check it at the studio door collaborate and make some damn hits for the fans.. Nick pick up the ☎️ make it happen..😁😁😁

  5. The media definitley pits women against each other in every fkin genre of music , in every part of the industry whether it be the acting, and being bosses . its truly sad that men don't get all the bs women gets and I feel as though if the media didn't pit women together then there could he so much great things. Can you imgaine how much great shit we miss out on because of the shit . For an example can you imagine how much great music we missee, how many great movies that never happened( which its not as bad as music ), how many boss moves that didnt happen….. Idk i feel like women today have so much more to offer but we still play second fiddle to men we still arent looked as equal to men and we have so muxh more to offer because we have to be great and better then men just to be consider at the table with the men. I often wonder if the world and all the nationscountries where run by women how much further we could be or how peaceful we could all be . Unfortunately most men have ego and have to feel like they are in charge and they become greedy with the illusion of being powerful or allowing power to dictate their moves where females are way more compassionate
    , willing to see other perspectives and we try to be fair …. Women are more nuturing by nature, we lead by our minds which is motivated by our hearts. One day I believe women will be im charge of the world and so many great things
    Will come about . However in order for us to get to that point we cant allow the media or other people to put women against each other and we must stand hp because there is enough room in every industry.

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