Orlando Police Find Drugs, $1800 Cash on Black Man Driving Someone Else's Car; Nothing Happens

This installment comes to you out of sunny Central Florida, where on February 1, 2018 Marquel Dquan Dock was stopped by police officers for making a wide …



  1. Because none of y’all are woke lemme do some explaining for y’all. They let him go but they really didn’t because now they got his address, name, girls name and probably his phone number in the system. They didn’t let him go, they are keeping tabs on him to either raid his shit or find his PLUG. 12 don’t just let you go without getting something in return.

  2. Wasn't this the guy that got arrested for being a drug dealer and they let him go this time cause they wanted to catch him with more drugs?

  3. I find it pretty funny they just spent a good a 200$ of our tax money on hourly pay for the 3 officers who where there over a .2 of weed and some edibles remember all this for a wide turn also remember he said he was a truck driver so they turn wide naturally so glad weed is almost decriminalize or this man would be going to prison for trafficking drugs

  4. …I commend all parties involved in this stop… the cops were suspicious because the story with the car was iffy at best, the driver kept his cool and the two complied effortlessly… the officers may seem to have overdone it, but the thing is, once they start, they are committed to the search… no shots were fired, everybody went home alive… the passenger, though, looked petrified all throughout… I would have just let'em go from the get-go… they were both clean, sober, and legal…

  5. The guy and his girlfriend were calm and respectful, they answered questions and frankly just were very respectful of the officers. It would have startled me to when the officer first spoke to him but this guy was just so level headed. The officers did their jobs, they don’t know from one person to the next so they work at being effective. The guy didn’t know the name of the car owner, they just cautioned him about being more aware. The officer was right, if there had been something there the couple would have been arrested. So all is well, the couple was sent on their way and thanked as well. Nice couple and nice cops.

  6. She dont look at her bf or the cop much but she looks at the money… O_o i found it highly illegal the way he counted it out in public left all his belongings on the hood of the car pulled him over for taking a wide turn into all of that… : sorry that's not policing in my eyes.

  7. Umm…………No LEO should ever treat a(n) US American Veteran this way; Especially a damn Marine.
    This video deserves a dislike…

    Then the LEO's on the scene confiscated his prescribed medication(Not illegal drugs).

  8. Smh. Weed is decriminalized in Florida, no need to go to that extent. And from the very approach I could tell that they were donut eating pigs and not cops.

  9. Damn devil dog that's some bullshit. I've been pulled over with a LTC "liscense to carry" and had meds that were prescribed and went through none of that. It is Texas though the military Id goes a long way. I don't know about Florida but damn.

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