PAX ERA vs. STIIIZY!! Vape Pods Unboxing

Taking a look at two of the highest selling cannabis vape pods in dispensaries throughout California…as we give you a “Pax Era” battery unboxing and a …



  1. I recently switched over to the PAX Era after having used the Stiiizy and the Plug and Play (by far the best vape pen between the three) for a few months. the PAX is ok, the only reason I'm using it is because the shops in my area are either closing or just selling out of the PNP too damn fast, so now I'm getting my goodies through Eaze, and it's pretty legit.

  2. Honestly I own a pax and a stiiizy and I gotta say the stiiizy is much better. I can barely get a hit off my pax. The vapor production on the era is worse than your average 510 cart. I don't understand why so many people like it.

  3. honestly Stiiizy batteries only cost like 25$ and pods are only 30$ its not gonna break your bank. unlike the pax everything is so expensive for the pax its not worth the cool gadgets and games for 60$ and you dont get that hard hitting dab like hit like you do with a Stiiizy and then pax pods cost 45$-60$ for half a g when you can get a 82% 1 gram pod for 55$ or half for 30$ (Pax doesn't make their own pods which could be a good or bad thing because it gives more freedom with strains but a without research on the company you could be buying stuff filled with pesticides or the THC % and levels could not even have been properly tested. Stiiizy makes their own pods and wax so you know what your getting everytime and they're all lsb tested and list the percentage of THC)…. Its like buying a car. If you want the looks go for the Rolls Royce (Pax Era), and if you want something fast for performance go with the 900hp BMW E46 M3 (Stiiizy)

  4. I went to a new dispensary to get more pen cartridges or maybe a pax pod and they only had stiizy which I never had heard of before. They did have a remarkable assortment of pods for the stiizy so I said what the hell I'll try it out. Stiizy isn't bad at all! Hits hard and I enjoy the candy like flavors out of the 2 pods I got, and the Indica I got is the most mellow high I've ever had!

  5. Comparing the two is no debate. I used Stiiizy for months and loved it. Then got the the Pax Era, and it is a game changer.
    Pods burn way slower and you can still take dab rips when you want. Great battery life as well if you lower the led light brightness.
    Just overall better construction and plus its no secret that the Pax Era Concentrates are just far superior in quality and consistency.

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