Run the Jewels | Austin City Limits (Full Episode) EXPLICIT

Content may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.** Groove to a full hour with hip-hop superstars Run The Jewels. The duo showcases …



  1. 17 undoubtedly enlightened souls don't like El-P taking time out to personally tell an older couple HI and express his hopes that they enjoy the show most of all or that no good, Killer Mike mentioning that they're less interested in a political agenda than they are a social agenda of Loving Your Neighbor.

  2. These guys are starting to get big and they are everywhere, in TV shows and major movies. The only way they escape corruption and being abused from record producers is by producing their own albums. its the only way for them to keep evolving their art and become unstoppable. Deathrow Records is a good example of wanting to produce your own stuff.

  3. Best hip hop duo and dj since Blackstar. I love the polyrythmic delivery of the lyrics in 6/4 over the 4/4 beat on a few of the songs. They do it better than anyone.

  4. I bought a couple boots tracks on iTunes just now thinking it was the chick at the end who apparently is in a lot of outkast songs. . . . I don't regret it cuz boots is fuckin awesome. . . . but still gotta find out that chick's name.

  5. Ive been listenin to el-p since the co flow days and if you had asked me back then(hell, even at the millennium–defjux days) if underground hiphop would ever be accepted in the mainstream, id have said no….
    For better or for worse its safe to say hiphop has been accepted and RTJ is a perfect example of cats who did it without corrupting, while still evolving their art.

    Thanks for the show Austin City Limits!!

  6. Do you have the Austin City Limits Season 2 closing credits from 1977 that had the text reading "A KLRN Videotape Production Southwest Texas Public Broadcasting Council (c) 1977"?

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