1. It's hard to believe that their ancestors practically conquer the world. These flights nowadays are such cowards they fold any moment a person with darker skin color starts complaining about something.

  2. 25:25 "I am not going to peddle a book like Howard Stern bla bla bla…." You gotta be kidding me!!! Savage is/was the most prolific book slinger and every 3 months he was carnival barking his latest,greatest book.

  3. “A civil war between people who take medication and those who don’t”. Michael is a fucking nutball. He’s right about democrats but fuck…dudes on some power trip over the fact he only takes an aspirin and vitamins lol

  4. Americans move to Honduras or any central American country make it great then they will all want to come back. Hell we go there for vacation why not move there and take over.

  5. Mr.S, please checkout RKTNN truth news network, he talks about African people heading to USA boarder. Mexico is hiding them from the news! Think Ebola! Heading this way!

  6. Happy to see Michael Savage back. Could not get him all last week. Excellent news points again Michael. So Sad to see decent society go into the gutter but why rip the pure innocents from little children. This is a perverted crime, child abuse. Disgraceful, what has happened to common decieity?

  7. Savage your wrong on this one sir. Im affraid its more sinister. Its not the drugs. All these mass shootings have something in common. None of it makes sense. People arent just doing this theres something creating it. Probably the deep state sleeper agents

  8. Wrong its not ,absolutely not cortical STERIODS. Very very wrong. Its anabolic steriods that are variations of testosterone. Cortical steriods are for asthma an anti inflammatory. Come on Savage i love your show but you are wrong about your steriod rants.

  9. As a Caucasian conservative professor, many of my freshman students believe that transgender and LGTB education should take place. They are so indoctrinated it's not humorous. This is this generation's fight. I wholeheartedly disagree, but it's not going away. We have to navigate in this new world.

  10. That woman is neither a Christian nor a conservative also I consider the government in California on the same level as I would a child molester presenting that to our teachers if the teachers do it the parents got a really react it's time to start playing Hardball the rubber is hitting the road people in front of you voice text

  11. We live in a time which conservatives these days have fallen for the trap of decadence for lack of a better term. In other words what's the difference then between a conservative / right wing or left wing then? These neo cons just believe you can put your son in a dress but lower taxes and the left winger believes in putting your son in a dress and higher taxes.

    If that's the only difference, as it seems to be the direction we are going, why even have 2 parties?

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