1. Does hemp produce low levels of the psychoactive agent THC because it is grown as a cash crop and not under exact conditions as marijuana, or is hemp an entirely different variety of cannabis that contains naturally low levels of THC regardless of how it's grown?

  2. Fight for Louisville, figure out how to gain the black vote, and learn from trump how to cross the divide, and you could be president. No black support, no president. Better learn.

  3. Now that Ky has legalized it, there's no hurry in other states. Better to get the Bluegrass established as the leader in rhe market first.

  4. This is as much an argument against some of the commentators on this video, and some of Rand Paul's prior-stated positions, as it is an argument against the contents of this video.

     Senator Paul is my favorite national-level politician; I subscribe to his channel and share probably all of his political views, except those on hemp and marijuana. I just don't know how much hemp can be distinguished from marijuana, holistically, and if enough to allow it even hypothetically when recreational pot use is banned. So I admit my ignorance on hemp vs marijuana. But seeing some of the commentators' comments on this video, I must take this opportunity to state the following.

    Most of the pot money Colorado (where I live) gets has been pre-earmarked to be spent on not that important of stuff. And the costs to Colorado far outweigh the benefits. Here are all the costs:
    (1) Many more car accidents due to pot-impaired drivers than before legalization.
    (2) Many more teens, with vulnerable developing brains (and adults) using pot in general and going to emergency rooms, in particular.
    (3) High-potency pot prevalent, and, more dangerous and addictive, and not the same as most product consumed in the 70s.
    (4) Both from growers and users, the obnoxious smell (and I say, contact-high-potentially-inducing smell) is everywhere. I'd like to think my best argument against pot legalization is everyone should have listened to the famous Lynyrd Skynyrd 70s rock song, "Can't You Smell that Smell?" before voting. Now we have to smell frequently; not everywhere, of course, but it can seem generically like "everywhere."
    (5) Deaths have been common enough, from edibles, because people just don't get the message (whether their fault or the retailer's) that the high doesn't come until many more hours after eating than it would after smoking.
    (6) There have been dangerous explosions and fires due to people messing with/working with hash oil.

  5. legalize marijuana. i am a citizen you are the civil servant. serve us by getting out of our hair and leave us alone. lets penalize congress for every law created and a raise for every law cut. 1000 per law for life. i like it. become rich by retracting law. 2 for 1.

  6. Lead the charge on censorship. Lead the charge on healthcare. Lead the charge on trade. Lead the charge and build a republican coalition that supports our president. There are no tea party grassroots anymore. They’ve vanished. Tea Party 2.0 can take the house back. Lead that charge. I absolutely applaud your effort on hemp but there are pressing issues that could foster more views and inspire grassroots support. I haven’t seen anyone elected by that tea party call on them to support your cause. Grassroots needs leadership and a plan to win. I’ll be supporting with my money and time the entire way.

  7. Good on ya! While your at it, why don't you pose the question to your colleagues and constituents as to what they plan to do with all of their solar panels once they go bad? Can't just bury those things and they're toxic as hell. Get a plan together because this problem is coming…

  8. It makes perfect sense why it’s illegal. It undercut the profit margins of billionaires and they saw a way to feather their nests by eliminating competition in the market place.

    Classic fuckery of gov.. American Farmers could’ve been leading the way and generating fuck you money for themselves and our nation.

    Rand Paul is a fucking lion, we need more men and women of the Republic just like him.. God bless you Dr Paul and your father too. Total national treasures.

  9. Hemp does NOT make people high, and even if it did, its less psychoactive than alcohol. Marijuana is a better comparison to alcohol. Hemp is NOT the same as Marijuana and neither is more addictive than chewing your nails. Alcohol is a gateway drug and so is cigarettes. Both lead to smoking marijuana, or harder drugs directly. If marijuana was addictive then millions would be addicted to it, just as with cigarettes / tobacco today.

  10. I am a disabled veteran, I heard CBD oil will/might help with pain. Right now I won’t even consider trying it, as it would land me in extreme trouble with the VA, I did 22 years in the Army and I am not going to risk ruining my retirement. People in Hawaii were told they could try it, and when they did the government confiscated their firearms and barred them from ever being able to purchase one. I am not a gun owner but I think that I should be able to buy any gun I want if I want. If you bite the carrot you get the stick it seems. Just not worth it.

  11. Rand Paul is a bad ass motherfucker. I hope to see something like a Rand Paul/Dan Crenshaw option on the ballot in 2024 knocking socialist out in the debates. You fucking republicans better vote for him the primary. You want to see the United States restored as the beacon of hope for the world? Get this bad ass motherfucker to Washington, or stfu when Bernie and Beto eat your lunch. You sit there and take it and learn to like it cause YOU caused it.

    And stop nominating retarded RINOs in the primary like Romney. Ron Paul used to tell the truth in the debates and get booed for it by a bunch of fucking retards claiming to be republicans. And fuck people like Ben Shapiro trying to mold you into a chicken hawk warmonger supporter. Ben Shapiro will never send his kid to war, but he's happy to send yours. Rand Paul stands for what's right. I hear any of you fuckers boo him in the debate I will find you, and I will fuck you up. Stop being stupid or lose your country to the bitch ass punks that make successful people the enemy. 40 years I've been watching retards go back and forth while ignoring the people that offer real solutions THAT WORK! Rand Paul bitches, vote for him every fucking time his name pops up or fuck you. And don't forget to like and subscribe to his fucking channel unless you're a lil bitch who can't handle the hard truths of life. If that's the case, keep drinking your mom's tit milk, cause you lil baby birds ain't strong enough to leave the nest.

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