Should all drugs be decriminalised?

Crime broadcaster Peter Bleksley explains why he thinks drugs should be legalised and regulated but psychotherapist Lucy Beresford believes it would be …



  1. At no point in the discussion do any of them mention the importance of people's freedom to choose for themselves whether they want to take drugs or not. Apparently freedom is not an important issue for these people. Human Sovereignty is not an issue even worth considering.

    Remember people, you are free to do what your masters allow you to do.

  2. Legalizing drugs is a daft idea, legal tobacco and alcohol doesn't make them safe or prevent fake tobacco and alcohol entering the market, criminals will simply undercut the legal drug price.

  3. As someone who no longer takes any recreational drugs I'm all for the decriminalization and even governmental control and sale of recreational drugs. This way we could make ALOT of money from tax whilst making these drugs as safe as physically possible, it would also *help* to stop the illegal sale of drugs too.

  4. It goes further than just decriminalisation. Would it be NHS funded? Would it be something you'd buy over the counter? Would the tax payer inevitably foot the bill? If it was privately funded, would crime go up as a result to fund drug use? The system isn't ideal but it also isn't completely broken. The war on drugs doesn't exist Not because of the oldest excuse in the book, 'the cuts', it's because the police aren't interested. Leave it alone. It isn't ideal but legalising won't help.

  5. in a safe managed environment like they have in portugal then yes its a good idea but the cuts to government services mean that aint gonna hapoen. if you just blanket legalise everything without control a lot of damage will be done

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