1. I fuck with your vids hard πŸ”₯
    Can’t believe I’ve never seen your stuff before. CBD is my shit now. ❀️ keep doin you Taz! Much love from Texas

  2. Amazing video! Thanks for the info and the discount code (you know I bought me an oz after this review). You definitely deserve more subs! Keep on doing what you do; you're giving off good vibes and kindness. God bless!

  3. ^^ Crazy video broo, thanks! this an awesome one! It is so good to have some nice flowers smelling so good! The biggest issue is to find distributor that deliver Worldwide I would love to try Monrow Farms. but they don't deliver in EU…. that is why mostly order on plantandhemp.com , the herbs quality is crazy and it is cheap. you should do a review of their CBD AK47, it is pure MADNESS !!!

  4. Happy 4/20 to all the chiefers πŸŽ‰πŸŒ¬πŸŽ‰ I just copped me some Space Candy from my local head shop, I'm bouta get in my bag and chillax. Nice content folks, I just stumbled across your channel, I gotsta subscribe ✌

  5. If you would do a review on that Lifter that would be awesome! I’m getting it in the mail here in a few days and would be great to smoke up while watching your review on it. Much love brotha!

  6. Yoo man try out Starseed Botanicals. Their cbd weed is the most fire hemp I’ve ever smoked. Besides smelling and looking like fire you really feel that shit. It’s very relaxing and takes effects almost immediately. I highly recommend them if you want some dank ass cbd budsπŸ”₯ (:

  7. Barely a few minutes in, and I'm droppin that subby! Your cool man, definitely an excellent review, I rolled up and smoke one as i watched this, i'm going to place a big order on monrow farms once they get back in stock with a few of those strains!

  8. Does the hemp buds like this help with anxiety. I can't smoke the good good anymore because of anxiety and I'm looking for something that I can smoke or take for it

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