1. Hey Shane I have seen a couple people ask you about the Platinum LED lights. I also own a Nova sn300 which is literally a platinum p300 all but identical match. Same Spectrum, par output, incredible build quality, and 5 year warranty. The difference is the sn300 cost approximately $150 less than the Platinum. And I think it would make a good run on the board. I was curious if you would be willing to test the Nova sm300 to show what that light does for the price in comparison to the platinum and all the other lights on the board.

  2. Can you test the "Photon Chaser LED" pucks?

    They look like a knock off of the Growmau5 pucks.

    I keep seeing them on ebay and wonder if they're any good. They also do another variant of the same thing that's supposed to supplement COB lighting from the same individual round heatsinks with each COB.

    Also, Great Channel.

  3. This is just old tech diodes put on huge heatsink so the can run the OLD diodes at their highest voltages and wattage nothing special at all just a fancy heatsink that is it wake up people.

  4. Hi Shane, good review ! Are you doing any platinum led reviews ? They always boast the most par out put period ,of any led grow light .I would love to know if it's true. many thanks rich

  5. Great job Shane! As always. Not too high of efficiency.. I wonder what the cheap, screw in, mogul socket, regular houselamp style, with a COB, and 90° lens, circuit board/driver built in plastic outer cover, like a regular household LED. Uses about 55W actually(may be called a 100W). Not bad over 2'x2' for vegging up to a few ft high, I imagine 4 would be better than this. Of course the cheapy is plastic case, w/thin graph paper look, thin metal heatsink, with open squares everywhere(?).. Has lasted 8 months so far, lol, so not too bad!

  6. As always Shane, thanks for the upfront review and stats on a nice light. I'm really curious about another hlg panel. 320 xl. It's a three panel set up I'm trying to compare to a timber cob with comparable watts. Do your magic and get those in the shop for comparison. Might have to rearrange your enclosure to a 2'x4' footprint.

  7. Another great video, keep them coming! Would love to see that board showing lighting efficiency maybe behind you to the left a little closer so we could reference it while you were reviewing this grow light!

  8. This looks like a solid unit. Not the most efficient but sturdy and nicely machined. Thanks Shane, I really appreciate your work. Greetings from Germany

  9. Fantastic that it's come out that way, did considered the telos 6, 8 and 10 before purchasing the 200 but decided liked the split up nature of Migro more and the discount when upgrading.

  10. This light is cool.. I use a mispectra ms1200… A 100$ light… They supposedly use 5 watt diodes… I also use platinum led… But the hundred dollar mispectra does better… I use a lux meter app to determine intensity and coverage… Even thpugh numbers may be off… It's still a valid test to see how light diminishes on yhe sides… I can tell platinun has a hotspot… Sides are weak… The chinese lamp dpes better in a 2×4… Hope you get the chance to review it… My IG is the_led_boss but we hoth know who the boss is here lml

  11. Hay Shane loving these reviews, any chance you could measure the running temperature, just to give people with micro grows an ideal if the lights will work in there space

  12. I'd like to see a discussion about how "most efficient" is not the same as "most effective". The most fuel efficient car is not necessarily the safest, or best overall choice. There's more to a grow light than efficiency.
    I also think it's worth mentioning that for hobby growers like myself, and most others, the difference in efficiency, spread out over a few units, will only amount to a few dollars a month in costs. I could see how this would be an important factor in a commercial grow, where costs are calculated against profit, but for most of us, this isn't really an issue.

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