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Shop Sephora now: Sephora Beauty Directors, Jeffrey and Myiesha, show us the ultimate guide to CBD skincare! Follow along to get …



  1. I am using the youth to the people’s Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask at night which contains some amount of vitamin c.. can i use another vitamin c serum in the day or will it be too much for the skin?

  2. Are drug sniffing dogs going to be jumping out of K9 police cars for the oils on me.. For a new job when they do hair snips and drug test, if you use it day & night can it be detected and cause you not to be hired. Other oils absorb into your skin. This is a serious question for us. Thanks.

  3. Will you please explain the difference and the strengths or mgs of CBD Verses products made from seed oil.. Or products made from hemp.

  4. I really love mixing oils with my night cream for a boost of hydration. The Herbivore CBD oil is of interest to me, as is the one from Josie Maran. Would love to see minis of these products in a future Hemp/CBD Sephora Favorites Kit! 💚

  5. It's always I love to see Jeffrey but when you first started talking about CBD I had no idea what that meant so after educating myself I came back to watch the video and as always another great video and I'm definitely might try that Farmacy product cuz I have everything farmacy already

  6. I work at a CBD shop and I’m sorry but these Sephora makeup artists need to explain that Full Spectrum CBD oil has a small percentage of THC, Full Spectrum does not mean you are getting the “fuller benefits” of the hemp plant, it means that if it is full spectrum it will have .3 percent of THC. That amount doesn’t get you high, but it could possibly show up as a false positive on a drug test. Again it’s different if it is applied topically, since it’s less likely to test positive on a urine analysis test, but it is something to be mindful about. Also all CBD products should be third party lab tested to insure you are getting the amount of CBD you are paying for.
    I’m not trying to be rude to Sephora MUA’s because I love shopping at Sephora, but please do some research before discussing CBD. Because there is also a difference between having CBD products and products that have hemp oil in them too.

  7. I am Oily and the Josie Maran Argan Oil and the Body Butter are what I used on my face and body respectively. I will definitely try the Josie Maran Skin Dope and the first item you spoke of.

  8. I use herbivore. I really like it. Now that I am getting my redness under control, I am still struggling with uneven texture. Please do a make up and skin care video on uneven skin texture! Thanks!

  9. I have started to use the Josie Maran CBD & Argan Oil and it is very moisturizing, calm my redness on my face and doesn't have any crazy scents like others that I will not mention. But I do have a question can it give you small break outs pimples around the face? I've developed small little break outs but not sure if its this or another new product I've implemented around the same time Drunk Elephant TLC Frambroos glycolic night serum….. any suggestions

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