1. Good morning, first and foremost you need to understand something my friend what is used no this is on the charger I charge a monkey that one was dead you need it okay I'm sorry I'm sorry

  2. Hmm I thaught topping gave you 2 tops and fimming was just up like a half inch on the node to slow it down to make the other ones catch up, thanks for the info I can tell there getting bigger and well adjusted

  3. Looks like u have a bad case of purple stalks there. Is that the genetics of your strains or do u have a ph issue going on bud ? either fiming or topping u get two tops don't u ? sometimes the plant messes up it's new growth when fiming and u get three tops though I have a purple kush here now that got three new shoots but it's a clone and it happened while still on it's mother b4 It was cut . im not trying to be a smart ass either bro just curious . Happy growing m8.

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