Toronto police raid illegal marijuana dispensaries

More than half of the illegal marijuana dispensaries in Toronto closed up shop when legalization became official on Wednesday, but the city is still dealing with …



  1. OCS is a scam….. 4-6 days to get ur cannabis!! No thanks I’ll stick to my dispensary💯 BTW most dispensary’s have gone to Delivery Only!! So…….yeah

  2. stop raiding dispensarys that employ workers and want to go legal. Its pathetic that Canada only wants big government n buisness to make all the money them selves. You are digging your own graves and helping the black market strive. Here is US it's much easier n cheaper to just go to black market and that's what most will do until it's legal 100%. Same with Canada

  3. when will police arrest politics not the common people because those are the true convicts but nothing is ever done. common ford time to step up and show you are for the people

  4. This wants to make me puke, legalization is a f**** joke I can no longer get my medicine in the form of Edibles and concentrates which of been using for 5 plus years. Sad times for the Cannabis industry

  5. Only in Ontario guys. Rofl. Why do we stay in this province? Almost all other provinces are so much more sufficient, practical, and caring. When will the Ontario ppl learn their lessons and look at how other provinces and even US states function

  6. I guess the tons the LPs bragged they had in storage is even of lower grade than the schwag they sent me as a patient. It's probably unsellable as bud. Someone has some explaining to do to Canadian voters and investors.

  7. I have to wait 8 hours at a public hospital to get a broken arm fixed yet here you are wasting tax dollars on raids when you could do everyone a favor and hand out permits to these reliable establishments. Stop trying to monopolize a market for a legal natural plant.

  8. Mark Saunders would be the first person to arrest Rosa Parks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Non violent people protesting and standing up for civil rights getting arrested for something that is now "legal" All while providing a service to medical people in need! SHAME ON YOU!!!  Many people in Ontario do NOT have the internet and even more do NOT have a credit card!!! I ask you Toronto police…how do the marginalized and poor people order from the OCS??? You call these dispensaries the "Black Market" …it is called the Free Market, where customers will define the pricing not the government.  Mark Saunders…you raiding the Free Market dispensaries is only sending people to the real Black Market street dealers all over again. Stop wasting our money on raiding dispensaries and put it to stopping gun crime!

  9. Ordered within a couple hours of OCS opening, almost two weeks later… still nothing. They had no problems TAKING my money though. Customer service seems to be nothing but a robot with a hold button.

    They blame Canada Post? Ya… well, it seems all my E-Bay purchases are having no issues getting to my door from various points of the globe yet my package from OCS which is about an hours drive from me is a no show.

    Nice of you to drive the people of On-tori-oH deeper into the hands of the black market that you oh so claim to be protecting the people FROM… Nice job Dougie, you're the man!

    I could probably pack up and move to another Province and STILL get my package before On-tori-oH delivers.

  10. Empathy suggests that it will be provided for free for people getting by on fixed incomes that are living with disabilities. If it isn't yet, it should be. Heard its being provided for vets. Does anyone know if people with disabilities that are not vets are also allowed that? It takes the edge off of pain. Could make for a good piece of journalism to be reported on. Maybe it was reported already and I'm not aware of that.

  11. Yes, Toronto, let's legalize it. Now let's keep people from being able to get it.

    Isn't legalization wonderful…..

  12. Legalization is a disaster lining the pockets of ex cops and ex politicians. One online store to serve Ontario and they sell out in one day. Lots of foresight there!! This is total ridiculousness to be spending tax money to take down these dispensaries The free market will survive legalization.

  13. These Cannabis  Laws are going to make the Politicians RICH, who have invested in the Monopoly this CRIMINAL Government created for themselves and their White Collar Criminal Friends … Bill Blair and Julian Fantino are just a few names on the List… The website is Terrible and the pricing is ridiculous … This was just the Governments way to Please Big PHARMA because the Government is making sure Cannabis isn't accessible and instead of Promoting Cannabis; they have created a Deterrent and the Word "Recreational" is the disguise, because cannabis as Medicine can Cure Cancer … BiG Pharma can not afford a Cure for Cancer

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