Weed Grow Operation Set Up – Odor Neutralizer

Learn what equipment you need for a weed grow operation set up. Learn about weed odor eliminators and contaminant control. Why it is important to manage …



  1. subbed real quick because i love learning from video formats like this and i need to inhale a lot of information from your videos in the morning as i was just gifted a few clones in a legal state and find learning about this very interesting so thank you for making these vidoes bud

  2. Hey man, I’ve placed a sealed bucket of this product called ‘dampfree’ in my tent – essentially calcium chloride in order to assist with my humidity levels. However when I open the tent I’m now noticing a slightly ‘fresh’ smell like clean linen or something. I’ve only just switched to flower but is it possible that this product could contaminate the smell of these buds as they mature? Slightly concerned.

  3. I live in a state where recreational marijuana growing and smoking is legal. So the odors of my grow tent need not be completely masked. So to cut costs of buy a carbon filter. Can I buy cut to fit activated carbon filter sheets and out them around and inside the end of my grow tent's exhaust duct?

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