1. Frankly I can`t tell with 100% guarantee what actually happened soon after utilizing kidney guide “Κemkemsο Wiza” (Google it), but it is highly possible that this product has helped eradicate a kidney stone. I can tell you that the discomfort were getting better at that time I was taking this solution..

  2. This happened to me last night. The pain was so intense and unbearable that I thought I was dying. It felt like going to heaven when the stone finally came out, and the pain went away.

  3. This kidney guide “Κemkemsο Wiza” (Google it) is well crafted and incredibly educational, which my doctor never mentioned. Kidney functions and troubles are mentioned clearly here. A brilliant way to begin a program to save your kidneys..

  4. Thanks to learning this, im unsubscribing, nonstop drink water by having a hat that has bottles on it, use tubes to drink them and proceed to eat painkillers daily.
    (unsubbing part is jok idit)

  5. Whoever made this video has NO IDEA about kidney stone removal. Shame on you to pass on FAKE KNOWLEDGE.
    Except for the ultrasound method, the other methods are misleading and not accurate. Have you ever heard of ureteroscopy? You just made the whole thing up yourself! If the stone can’t pass by itself and requires the doctor to remove it physically – they insert a scope into the ureter and grab it. If it’s too big they use a laser to break the stone down right in there and take it out, not externally. Then the stent is inserted to help the ureter heal and it would be removed one week later. There’s no B.S. as inserting a stent to expand the ureter! Do your homework and do proper research before educating the others. Google exists for a reason.
    Source: https://urology.wustl.edu/patient-care/kidney-stones/surgery-for-kidney-stones/

    And a kidney stone patient myself.

  6. With all honesty, I am 100% positive about what could happen following this kidney guide “Κemkemsο Wiza” (Google it) is applied, that this method is helpful to use for kidney stone removal. I can tell you that the pains were improving when I was using this treatment..

  7. I had been identified with a large kidney stone about 1 1/2 years ago. My doctor said he can blow it away for $8,000 dollars. I have nomedical health insurance and $8,000 is a lot of money. But when I started using the kidney guide “Κemkemsο Wiza” (Google it), I was capable to control my problem..

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  9. I’m scared of kidney stones now freakin dude! Your peeing out a STONE it must hurt! Now I’m jut gonna drink water nothing else!

    Edit: I forgot to mention does blood come out?

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