What the Columbine Shooting taught me about pain and addiction | Austin Eubanks | TEDxMileHigh

“Less than an hour after scrambling out the back door of the Columbine High School library, I was lying in a hospital bed, medicated on a variety of substances …



  1. Caden your dad is awesome.. i remember where i was the day this happened and all i could do was sit and hold my newborn daughter and cry.. now its almost normal to hear this stuff on the news.. its sad..

  2. Yeah, we (anyone that tried 'em) all know opioids/opiates are way better at killing emotional pain than physical one, but hack, that is the fact of our biological-wetware existence…They are, however, very safe and very potent for short term use for extreme strong acute physical pain, compared to non-opioid painkillers.
    So untill something new is discovered…

  3. This talk is really difficult to watch. It's been exactly one year for me. I've gotten better by using CBT techniques. But I've been plain ignoring the trauma; pretending it doesn't exist. Unresolved pain? Definitely. This video cut me like a knife because I understand. I know what it does to you and why it affects you so deep. My current job is to open it up again, with a therapist. Try and stop running away.

  4. september 11 changed my life forever, were a Muslim family from pakistan, my dad is a pilot and we were going to move to America as he got a job officer from an american airline…
    after 9/11 no one wanted a muslim pilot flying there airplane:s

  5. I love the messages from Ted Talks, but something about people standing up there with one of those head mics makes them come off as pretentious. Good talk from this guy though.

  6. I feel like the impact and changes in how opioids are accessed has caused more and different issues. Some that massively and negatively impact people living with chronic pain caused by biological reasons. I am not denying the link between emotional pain, physical pain and addiction. I acknowledge the impact of trauma in this too. But with all the restricitions in accessing pain relief, the suicide rate due to untreated/poorly managed chronic pain has increased.

    I feel the only way forward is to treat people holistically regardless of what they present with. I feel there needs to be an overall cultural shift to one that encourages connection and love rather than hate and segregation.

  7. I’m have compassion for all the pain you’ve suffered, and idk if I have the right to say this but I’m glad you did. You’ve been able to help me understand myself, and others in a way I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Thank you for your message.

  8. This guy isn't revealing anything new. Most American methadone clinics are based upon the fact that most of the patients are there because of unresolved emotional problems. You have to do therapy and go to group meetings and do homework assignments and all kinds of working on yourself while peeing in a cup and being held accountable at the clinics I have been to

  9. I have been addicted to opiates for 17 years. And its laughable how detox at all rehabs thinks its acceptable that 3 or 4 days is enough to clean my body of 17 years or addiction. Laughable they think 28 days is enough to rehabilitate someone addicted for 17 years.

  10. Im only 15 but I no where and when I was when the Pulse Nightclub, Las Vegas, and Stoneman Douglass shootings…and every time I see a shooting I become more desensitized

  11. Wow! He visited my school in Fruita Colorado! I cried so hard because the year before at the same school a student came with a gun and a hit list and was thankfully caught, but I will never forgot what he told all ofnus

  12. How did you get addicted? Oh, I was prescribed opioids after being shot along side my best friend at one of the deadliest highschool shootings in US history…. What's your story?

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