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  1. Sylvia Plath, bloodline daughter of Amy Knorr dating back to Os Iris and Julian Casablancas dating back to Akhenaten, was an underworld operative utilizing her own talent as a poet. She was assigned to pertain to a husband in the older generation to make the "Lolita" effect seem possible. This was only a sexual feigning service marriage. This was her most punishable act.

    The faux temporary fixed twin soul reunion between the bloodline of Julian Casablancas and the Russian underworld fraud Martha Joslin, broke the Gucci / MacLeod family apart via infiltration, theft, displacement, feigning, betrayal and reperception.

    Sylvia Plath had no foundation for the first time in her lineage. The Lolita assignment had adverse effects on her own Soulmate relationship. There were reasons for depression.

    Long story short, Amy Knorr's direct bloodline ancestor Marilyn Monroe researched the Master Hall of Records containing all bloodline information for every human dating back to the first recorded family registers.

    There were no alterations, no changes except for faux underworld patterning. The twin soul reunions were not real. The idea of a non-roster spouse is not real.

    Marilyn Monroe told Sylvia Plath and "called her out" on the validity of her marriage.

    At his Birthday Gala, Marilyn Monroe told John F. Kennedy, about the fact that the fixed twin soul reunions were not real. Elizabeth I and the bloodline ancestor of JFK, as fixed twin souls, perceived pertaining to a higher level reunion which is why neither married. They did not converse in that life except for business. The Soulmate of JFK and Sir Dudley also did not marry.

    Months later, Marilyn Monroe was dead. John F. Kennedy's assassination followed with Sylvia Plath murdered next, all within a year.

    The underworld set a mandatory perception goal: Sylvia Plath had to be perceived as a suicide in order for "things to go forward". Mandatory perception goals are imperceptible as 'set up' because consequence is used as weight. The public does not pertain. Underworld operatives and those in their paradigm, do pertain involuntarily until it can be perceived and figured out.

    Why were they dead? JFK's bloodline ancestor was an old-school functional underworld operative and merely had to do minor patterning, enough to pertain to Elizabeth I enough to relate, for the reunion. This took 100 years. Position was predetermined by the fact that the underworld had patterned away JFK's own ancestral line of vocational progress in advance. The King position of Sir Dudley had been patterned away by Juliet Joslin's bloodline.

    Sylvia Plath had to pattern as a wife to her older generation husband for 150 years.

    Marilyn Monroe was not an underworld operative but did realize that the bloodline fixed twin soul reunion between Catherine Howard and Arthur John Tudor was a fraud. She wanted to read the notes of Elizabeth I.

    The bloodline ancestor of Arthur John Tudor founded the first FBI in Rome circa 500 BC. On Scotland Yard, Johnathan Percy, bloodline descendant was the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes. Johnathan's brother and father founded the first Police Force; Scotland Yard.

    The bloodline ancestor of Julian Casablancas founded the first CIA in Great Britain circa 950 AD. Julian and his father John Casablancas' ancestors invented the Parliament Secret Service stolen by the Russian underworld.

    Danielle Elliott's bloodline ancestor was "screwed over" by the Russian underworld because she thought of "Counting Backwards"; patterning backward from an event to perceive where the idea was originating from and why.

    It is my statement that the patterned fixed twin soul reunions of Juliet Joslin and Polita Barnes, bloodline descendants of Martha Joslin and Catherine Howard, were fraudulent, artificially produced, by the Russian underworld with the motive of infiltration for the purpose of gathering information and the objectives of Britain and Rome from the detective Greats of their Royal Families. This information was to be used by the underworld to steal and counteract European efforts.

    Patterning backwards from the patterning of Catherine Howard's bloodline used for the faux temporary reunion would expose both the origins and intentions of the Russian underworld and the Dominion of Russia.

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