What You Need To Know About CBD Isolates

CBD Isolates are a very interesting and versatile CBD product, but its important to know the facts. Have you tried it? Do you want to know what dose or product …



  1. "hemp" doesnt always mean that tall stalky plant that people grow for fabric etc. Hemp in some uS states is just weed with low thc. Im curious the differentiations in having an organic label in EU than the US.? same? Cool video πŸ˜‰

  2. I understand you should know where your meds come from. With isolates, however, you are dealing with an isolated molecule that has been completely set apart from residuals and it's counterparts up to 99.97-9%. I do only grow organic hemp, but this talk about pesticides being in isolates and distillates is very misleading. I appreciate Endoca and everything they are doing! Thank you for doing what you guys do.

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