1. A great thought …the next experiment maybe on the exposure of various levels temperatures with misxes of colos of lights, nutrition, radiations, hormones drugs stimulants. Or maybe more. Eg

  2. That was an interesting experiment, now I am looking at growing plants in my aquarium, so there are other factors affecting growth. Aquarium lights generally come in combination of red +white, white +blue, total white… What would your recommendation be considering factors like water, distance of the light from the surface and others if you have any?

  3. In the past year, white becomes very popular like QB light. Many people said it is better than purple. Mars recently released a kind of white light. I will use it to compare with the purple that i was using to see what it can do.

  4. Interesting test, also ought have multiple plants under each spectrum to rule out other factors that might impact results. Sample size of one per each spectrum isn't much.

  5. What if color temperature and plant hardness/ thickness/density have something in common? For example a delicate plant may require cooler color temperatures. While less delicate plants can use a warmer color temperature?

  6. lots of talk from online forum etc that green light doesn't work with green plants, but a friend of mine swears genuine purple light, or as some call it blurple. any chance of running a green, purple and full spec?

  7. I did a little on plants life in biological science, I think different radiation aid ins shaking up matter that results in a wider leaf or production of my cloraphyl, I know I misspelt it..

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