1. Lol! Warm year round? LMAO so if 110-115 degrees is warm, I sure in the hell don’t wanna know what you think is HOT! Lol! This year it dropped down to freezing at night and snowed in Scottsdale, Mesa, Surprise and parts of Phoenix.

    We have one of the highest murder rates.

    We constantly have porch pirates in South Phoenix.

    And it’s changing for the worst, why you May ask? Because of people from California are moving here!!! Messing up our housing market, politics and their fucking traffic.

    It has been great bc of the 9 months of near perfect weather, 4 months of hot weather, and our conservative politics.

  2. also youre lying about Chicago being a " trash can " I've been to Chicago multiple times , Chicago is very clean and has good infrastructure , NYC on the other hand isn't clean simply because it's dense and have no alleys , Chicago has street cleaners , the city cuts the grass , the alleys are clean , the streets are new and always renovated and the city gets decorated , I'll even say that Chicago looks better than phoenix by far and that's coming from someone who lived in both cities

  3. I just didn't like downtown of Phoenix when I drove out there and visited. But I'm thinking about moving in the suburbs of Phoenix. You got me thinking about going back out there and move there.

  4. If you like 100 plus degree temps for 6 months a year, then go ahead. If you are considering moving there, go there for a week in august, if you can get through that, then you know what you are in for for the 6 months summers.

  5. Just a note about the crimes… Example – it’s midnight, I’m a woman in a nice car… I was listening to the video while driving and pulled over to write a comment, then I read most of the comments… So, I’ve been sitting here for about 30 minutes with my car door wide open. People are coming and going… all sorts of people… I’m at a gas station at 16th street South of Washington (those who are from here would understand my point)…

  6. You are so funny to watch 😂 I’m glad you are enjoying Arizona! The one only thing I would add is all the lakes we have in close proximity no matter which part of town you are in. And yes, hiking is absolutely spectacular here!!! Great video 😊🤠🇺🇸

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