3 Easy Grow Light Set Ups for Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors & Lumens and Kelvin Explained

Grow light set ups are confusing for many home gardeners. In this video, I’ll make it easy by sharing my 3 favorite quick and simple indoor grow light set ups and …



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    Let me know what grow light set up you are using – thanks for watching!

  2. Hi!! I’ve been watching all your
    Videos and they’re super helpful! Hopefully you see this because I want your opinion! Lol. My light is 5000 kelvin. I have tomato and eggplant seeds under it. Is 6” up too far or ok? They just popped out of the ground but I don’t want them to get lanky!?

  3. Hi. I tried the blue/red lights on tomatoe seedlings, seems not very effective. Leafs curl and in general the seedlings dont seem to respind. The also lean over towards window were some daylight shine.

  4. im the type of guy that wants a few cree cxb 3590 cob led's at 3500k, with a maximum of 200w output for a cheap price or otherwise i dont see the point of the hobby.

  5. I went to Home Depot today for this set up. They looked at me like I was nuts when I grabbed LED light bulbs with your required specs. They told me instead to get a grow light bulb. I hope it works.

  6. It was the best video for me, granny on a tight budget. I love the pvc pipe in sand bottle!!! Now I’m going shopping now that I know what I need for my seeds thanks a bunch 👍🏽💕

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