Amazing Proven Results Using Nigella Sativa and HIV – What You Need to Know!

The Best Oil: Make sure you are using the best black seed oil or the best seeds. The seeds we recommend if you want to use them is …



  1. Thank you for your videos, they're very helpful. I've been using perfect press black seed oil for several months, my blood pressure is 117-77 most of the time, versus 163-103 before taking black seed oil. I'm out of medication…very happy about it. Thank you again. What I've noticed is that when the bottles of black seed oil are sitting for a period of time without movement, the oil that comes out of the bottle is yellow, however if I shake the bottle for a minute the oil comes black, My personal opinion is that the reason the oil is black is because of the particles of the black seeds going together with the oil at moment of pressing. I purchased the oil using your website to make sure I was going to get the original. I have one bottle in my office, one at home, and one at my mom's house, just to make sure I won't miss a dose whenever I'm . Best Regards.

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