1. BlueBerry Tastes & Smells Just Like Blueberries, Blueberry Is Off The Charts Fantastic. Indica Yea,But Blueberry Is Distinct From The Indica Prototype. BlueBerry Is Super Medicinal For Body & Mind. The High Is Very Light But Intense. Distinctive In The Way This Strain Induces The Floaty High. Blueberry Gives You That " Floaty High " – As In Your Floating.

  2. YOUDUBE Ha, How About Burn A Dac. Dac Was 1980s Slang Correct ?? As I'm Typing This I Have An Ounce Of BlueBerry Right Here With Me And I Have A Hemp Rolled "J" Of BlueBerry Thay I'm Chewing On Right Now And Will Continue Smoking It The Rest Of The Night

  3. My delivery dispensory sold out of Blueberry Indica and a higher quality strain in less that a week. I luckily grabbed an oz of rather low quality strain for $100 CA. It still smells so syrupy and tastes amazing. I like smoking big fat joints of it after a meal

  4. Terpenes cause the various odors that come from marijuana, of which there are thousands of different types found in nature.
    A variety of plants produce terpenes, and most of them have an overpowering smell. On marijuana, it’s the terpenes that give the herb its unique and rich fragrance. There's over 120 types.

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