Delboy's Garage, Hayabusa Day 16, Clutch Slave Cylinder Rebuild.

Basic House Keeping.. Clutch Slave Cylinder Rebuild. Patreon Link:- Like many busy channels these days, we support …



  1. Great video, as ever. Found you looking for a good wheel bearing walk through. Just spent the last two weeks main-lining the fighter build- Awesome, and coincided (and aided the finish of my K5 GSX-R streetfighter build). Quick question- hydraulic clutch versus cable. What are the pros/cons? The Gixxer is cable, streetfighter and busa are hydro. Just for the geek knowledge bank, if you have the time…

  2. Del good day,why is my bike keep breaking it's output shaft bearing? It's where the engine sprocket is attached,my bike is a Bajaj pulsar ns 150cc,it's manufactured by india but assembled and marketed by Kawasaki here in the Philippines,thanks,I'm one of your subs.

  3. Loved this, Del. Magnificent production work on the video itself BTW! Raining here in Delaware- hope it’s nicer there where you are. 🏍👍🏍

  4. Looking forward to finding out what patching is, like a lot of your skills and tips, it sounds proper old school. I love that quote and if more people lived by that then this magically beautiful Planet would be sorted. Do everything you want to do in life, try all sorts of things, just try and do it without harming the Planet and other people as best you can =)

    "Don't shit on the lawn" =P

  5. Geez, if only the Bandit were that easy! I was waiting to see how you were going to remove the cylinder retainer plate screws or if you'd drill 'em like you did in days of yore – so disappointing to see there's no such plate at all! I am waiting on parts to do this job on my 1999 Bandit and we will see how it goes with those screws. In the meantime, excellent work as always. Educational AND entertaining, and how often can you say that these days? Good work D&P!

  6. i enjoy these stand alone vids del as it says excatly what your doing so dont have to spend hrs searching through waffle ( not saying you waffle lol ) you can go straight to the imfo you need . im lucky to have a smart 75 inch tv so can see in detail what your doing ,also good for other streaming films but only when the wifes out ,

  7. I was eating my tea whilst watching the video & when you mentioned that someone had attempted to clean the radiators with a wire brush I nearly choked, a jet of homey roast pork & special fried rice came zooming out of my mouth, lol, what is wrong with these people, leave well alone if in doubt ay, all the best both x👍👍😎

  8. My clutch slave cylinder went when I arrived home from a 250 miler. Outside my garage FFS ! Talk about luck ! Didn't take long and cheap ! Delighted with the results, was my first one.

  9. Good morning. Thanks again for another great instructional video. If I may quickly go back to the video about painting the valve covers on the Harley: there is a powder coating system available which cures at 180 degrees. Check out “ Elecrostatic”. Their system doesn’t need high voltage electricity, as the charge is made using plastic rods in the gun. I’ve just bought a kit and it works a treat. Just a thought for future reference.

  10. Hi Del

    Thanks for another top quality video I always enjoy seeing your notifications arrive!

    Tip tip for making your used white spirit last longer and makes it better I've used it with white spirit and petrol for washing it oil bath air cleaner elements get a funnel and some coffee filters line the funnel with a coffee filter decant the used fluid into your bottle change the filters regularly as they block up fast and it not only gets most of the dross out of the spirits it's cheap and easy to do ☺

  11. Do you plan on doing any fuel pump work? I believe that model has the external pump that can be problematic. Also I am really enjoying these videos very usefully for my own 2000 hayabusa. Thank you!

  12. Delboy – Your videos are getting more concise, more crisp and more smooth! Simply amazing progression in such a short amount of time, thank you for putting in the effort and time to make it so. Big respect, all the info – steps and skills/tools required without the fluff, good job sir (and madam of course!) Cheers.

  13. Love the vids, me and my mate were talking about how good your videos are today, very in-depth informative content. You've helped us more than a few occasions with your great tips. Thanks and keep it up!

  14. I had a deja vu….seeing this vid..i just got over with cleaning of that muck from the front sprocket on my busa…..and i saw this vid….. i have been following this build so closely, has helped me a lot fiddle around with my bike, and everytime i feel i shouldn't do this, i convince my self… m gonna ask dell if i go wrong some where ,when he uploads d next vid.. …. thanks for this beautiful artwork….

  15. Another busy day in the garage eh buddy. Funnily enough the clutch slave cylinder on the XJR has sprung a small leak; a little job for the weekend now I'm (finally) home 🙂

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