Detoxing Your Mind: An Interview With Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a world-renowned cognitive neuroscientist, author, and speaker. In this interview, she reveals how to practically stop toxic thoughts and …




  2. She says things I don't think are one size fits all. But I know from having lived so long, her opinion is full of things that are just and beautiful. I learn to apply the band aid of tolerance , patience, love , joy… and think how it applies… But I practice… the Fruits of the spirit as best I can. But you must focus on the Goodness God teaches. And shelve distractions of the negative shadow of the rules oh the Spirit, don't practice Hate, sadness, War, impatience, coarseness, hubris…Thinking About These Things is what we should do, more often…. at the correct time. There is a time for aggression…we need to think therefore… how and when to avoid it. And when and how to study it. Thinking and learning from others must be a process of deciding who we accept and support and who to oppose. JUDGE not , Jesus said. But, Removing the Log from your own eye Comes with a promise, most people don't understand it. Advising students Freud advised his students to examine themselves. Jesus and Freud agreed on this point. It is just as true as Judge not and you will not be Judged. Remove the log from your own eye And you will relieve the PROMISE. So there is a time to , judge, think, evaluate… and the answer in a nutshell many times may as well be written in Yiddish.

  3. Ugh….scientific "experts" that want to negate the deeper truth of God and spiritual reality. I came from this world, and now recently born again…sorry guys, but the enemy has his hand in this big time. I dont speak from a Christian culture, I speak from God's word and starting with prayer and asking God for healing and assistance with our thoughts, and realizing our nature as sinful, we aim for perfection like any secular person, but rest in the forgiveness, mercy and grace of God. We aim for God again and again 💗 God bless you all

  4. Oh I love this. There were ( are) so many times that as I Christian I tried to walk the gentle, meek , watch what you say to others, but sometimes I feel like a hypocrite to myself because I do have anger sometimes other people issues is a downer for me while I'm trying to encourage others it messing up my mojo. I would never want to be a part of not being able to help someone, but where is that fine line between being a good Christian and being a hypocrite .

  5. Wawww pastor Steven go very bold here n he was not afraid at all coz he really wanted to change the things that bothered him, he really was taking advantage of her presence to change a lot in himself and it is making me feel better knowing it’s not bad to admit a lot of me so that I will change

  6. Gotta pause here at the 27:06 mark and respond to something that I just heard. No, not all of us have that person we can open up to and voice out loud our innermost thoughts. I wish it was different but it's not. I'm as alone as I've ever been. The Holy Spirit lives within me but so far He has chosen to not provide me with another physical person to confide in and frankly He's got bigger fish to fry than dealing with a worm like me.

  7. PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE….. if you truly want to detox your mind…. Change of diet and fasting while taking herbs as well. This is a gift the Lord has given me and I’m passing it on to anyone who wants it. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, BODY, AND MIND.

  8. I love this video and thank you for it…just a little suggestion…maybe stop moving the camera to the right and to the left so much. It is too tiring and distracting. Otherwise, I appreciate this content and thank you for making it available for free!

  9. yeah… i like celine dion…. but… I like her more : )… I smell my brain… joke… but seriously like what Mr. Jayson Gupta said in his program… "what we think is WHAT WE ARE…

  10. Pastor Furtick you can't imagine what I've been going through but what you said about am or will let you down is how I feel all the time and I'm also a giant nerd extremely intrigued by epigenetics and the brain so thank you so much for finding this woman and doing this with her I'm gonna listen to all her stuff so I can get my mind back and be better for God, my kids, and myself (this is my prayer) God bless you

  11. This is amazing. First I want to say that I'm also out the box. I am always searching to understand. I don't lean on one person's cute. I always question what I hear. Specifically I been struggling with my feelings. I recently learned I have had anxiety. God had been teaching me something about it and how to lean to depend on him. I recently have been having s hard time with what she said using scripture and it does nothing. It makes so much sense why it doesn't work. It's not a band-aid. This has given me do much relief. I'm so grateful that Steve is also s person that wants to learn and transparent. That is rare. I have been to so many churches I have yet to meet s pastor that isn't controlling and shallow and shares their struggles and sells knowledge open to learn more. Until…. Steve!!!! I was ready to give up on Church.

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