Did I Win the MAXIMUM with This Backdoor Flush in NL Hold'em Cash Game?

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  1. Interesting hand and nicely explained, however I was asking myself were you not concerned on the turn wether someone had Ace Seven, and decide to check as a deception? For pretty much the same reasons you explained why you have checked on the river 😉

  2. Are there only Hand Reviews or strategic Vids? Is it for beginners / slight intermediate the grinder membership to build up a solid foundation (Pre flop hand ranges, value/bluff betting raising etc)?

  3. Also, it’s great to watch proper strategic/hand discussion videos like these rather than all the fancy/non-strategy related gibberish that Doug Polk has flooded his channel with. Just feel you should do 3-4 hands in one vid like Brad Owen, Andrew Neeme so viewers get more content.

  4. You said you could be turning something like TT with a diamond into a bluff.. but you are never overcalling KK-88 on that flop. You can never be bluffing here when you c/r. Infact, your hand looks more like AA.
    Secondly, I don’t think AQ/AJ is folding to a river lead if you size it well, but they’ll surely fold if you c/r. Agreed that they’ll bet when checked to, but then, you don’t get to set the price. Basically, you’re never getting 2 bets in OTR here IMO.
    Thirdly, I feel A7s/44 are decent possibilities here, so you’re kind of overplaying your hand OTR because AQ/AJ are never calling and you’re in bad shape if they come over the top.

  5. Abouth the consciouspoker membership there is a problem I subbed and the email said if I had any further questions I should just reply but the email could.not be found and I cant send my questions

  6. Are you capable of making this same river bet against 2 opponents out of position on a bluff? If you make this bet and sizing the same when you have it, and when you're bluffing then it is a fine play. If you don't make this play often (or often enough to be noticed) don't you think you may have gotten more value by getting a player to call with a sizing of $1,000 – $1,200?

  7. I think (and I'm not a professional player), a smaller river bet would would be less likely to get a call as they may think you are just trying to get a bit more out of them with a strong hand. This only leaves you portraying a bluff and a chance to get called for more value, which they may call with a decent hand. Checking on the flop out of position, seems to be a good move knowing that you have top pair, a decent kicker with that board. It seems like the other 2, were either on weaker pairs or on a busted draw.

  8. I would be a little careful with saying someone ‘always’ would bet. Sometimes I know I’m supposed to bet and there’s a lot of value in betting, but there’s also value in doing the thing your opponent would never expect you to do, because one of the objectives is to make it hard for them to put you on a hand. It’s something I will do here and there, and then you can snap a trap later or make it look like a bluff, makes it hard for your opponent bc it doesn’t add up

  9. IMO you didn't get max value. You overraised the river bet 4.5x to induce a hero call pretending to be a bluff. With the small river bet and button call, they cannot call that big reraise given the board runout. I do see your point to bet big on the river to induce a call but I only see a smaller flush calling u here or a boat

  10. This hand after the river could’ve gone either way, you could have done a Nibley little value bet To maybe induce a bluff or get someone to call if they had a nine or an ace. But nobody fell for your over bet ala Patrick Antonias to make it look like a bluff.
    Great vid, Alec. I try to view every one of your vids.

  11. To answer your question, NO. You didn't get max value.
    IMO your river bet is way too large.
    Because BTN checked behind on the turn, the player to your left must have the stronger hand of the two. So primarily you target him to call (unless BTN is a calling station). But the total action puts the guy to your left in a bad spot: say he has AQ, and he doesn't believe that you are strong, but now he is afraid that BTN might have A9. It's impossible for him to call to bluff-catch you.
    I would raise to 1200-1300$.

  12. Would u still recimmend play it this way at a 1-2 game? In a typical 1-2 game u cbet the flop.. continue on turn and jam river (assuming u get to the river).. I always wonder if it is worth trying these fancy plays to my 1-2 table.

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