Do Tree Tubes Work? Persimmon & Chestnut Plantings Update

Find out how tree tubes worked in year 1 compared to trees with no protection! INTERESTED IN THE PRODUCTS USED? 60″ Tree Pro Miracle Tubes: …



  1. That’s quite a difference! Tree tubes appear to do a great job of protecting the tree seedlings from deer and cattle. They seem to grow upright quickly too!

  2. Hey pal. One of my buddies had some tomato plants growing up our cabin in the food plots. Deer ate all the plants. Didnt wait for the tomatoes…. ate the plants.. hahahaha

    Glad the tubes work.

    Later bud!

  3. Nice 👍 looking good, thankfully not too much cow destruction LOL…
    Driving along a very narrow lane today, I had to stop and shift a load of rocks from a dry stone wall…. loads of mental cows were gathered round,,, like unruly teenage kids! 😂

  4. I have never heard of this tube theory. Looks like a great idea. I have cows that come through my property and I only go oyster there a few times a year. I'm going to do my homework on how they work. New sub, your support would be appreciated. Thanks.

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