Elvis & The Memphis Mafia

Elvis Presley had a select group of friends he entrusted with his life.Through never seen before interviews, this documentary will explore Elvis’ life through the …



  1. Lamar is gone, Sonny is gone, Red is gone, Charlie is gone, Marty is gone, Joe is gone… His cousin Billy Smith is still doing well and has a youtube channel, and Jerry Schilling is still around I believe. Anyone who thinks these guys didn't care for Elvis are uninitiated and benighted.

  2. It seems that when someone that knew a person such as Elvis Presley that passed away too soon start talking about their memories they share with that person, it sort of brings them back to life for a moment. I had the same feeling when watching or even meeting people that new Bruce Lee. I find those pop culture icons have much in common: They both passed away too early and still had something to bring to their respective arts, they both had amazing charisma and were very generous with their friends, they both were talented and hard workers perfectionist, they both were innovators, they both were searching to find spiritual balance in their life and maybe were their own worst personnal ennemies in this lost of balance. Oh and I almost forgot, even Brucee Lee carried a gun at one point in his life because he had becomne paranoid with all the threats. They didn't have the same life of course, but they had much in common that made their passing away feel like a bomb just dropped to all those that loved them and their fans. Of course Elvis was bigger in popularity and the King is the King, but their kindness and the fact they were models to others in their arts had this effect. I really enjoyed this documentary, because I feel we entered the real life of Elvis Presley and not only the iconic public image. It didn't feel like gossip. I feel he was a beautiful, strong yet fragile human being.

  3. Elvis died at the feet of Jesus Christ. He got a new life. Just listen to Pastor Bob Joyce, he will tell you best. Wonderful music, songwriting and most of all preaching Jesus.🤠

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